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Process 318
Analyze information and evaluate ideas.  Organize and synthesize findings.


Grade 9 & 10​ Grade 11 & 12
Information Literacy

§  sort information using note-taking organizers to paraphrase, summarize information​

§  synthesize information and distinguish between fact and opinion as it relates to a research question

§  understand the meaning of academic honesty and obligation to acknowledge sources used in research

§  create an annotated bibliography with teacher guidance

§  use embedded citations in research with teacher assistance

§  cite sources (print/digital) using the proper conventions (MLA, APA) style with teacher guidance

Digital Literacy

§  evaluate website credibility with teacher direction

§  navigate a site or database to locate relevant information

§  use citation generator to create bibliography or citation tool in a database with teacher guidance

§  use Turnitin to submit research assignment

​​Information Literacy:

§  sort information and choose suitable note-taking strategies to classify and record information

​§  identify resources that support or refute a particular point of view and/or describe potential biases

§  make inferences and support them with evidence

§  synthesize findings and make connections, discover trends and patterns from information and formulate conclusions

§  apply strategies that support the ethical use of information and avoid plagiarism

§  create an annotated bibliography and or literature review of sources

§  cite resources properly from a variety of sources using the proper bibliographic conventions and embedded reference for MLA, APA and Chicago styles. 

Digital Literacy

§  create personalized digital organizational system for taking and sorting notes  (ie. Evernote, GAFE)

§  uses digital tools to create a bibliography (MLA, APA, Chicago)

§  use Turnitin to submit research assignment​​

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