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Personalised Alternative Education Department 210
Personalised Alternative Education Department

Personalised Alternative Education (PAE) is a holistic approach to student learning. Our programs combine classroom instruction with real-world, experiential learning.  All programs have a lead teacher to provide instruction, guidance and support.

Students or families interested in discussing PAE programming are encouraged to reach out to Guidance, their vice-principal, or the Head of Alt Ed​ for more information.

Our programs includes:

TEAM:  Training, Experience, Academics and Motivation
This is a self-contained program where students can earn up to four credits each semester.  The programme has a landscape and construction focus. During the spring and fall, students attend class period one and work in a real world work environment under teacher direction for the rest of the day.  Students will develop technical skills in landscape and construction as well gain valuable work experience.  Further, students will work towards compulsory credits in subjects such as English, Math, Science and/or Healthy Active Living.

Our community partners include Bruce's Mill, Lake St. George Outdoor Education Field Centre, and Camp Robinhood.  

During the winter months students (mid November-mid April) attend classes all day in the high school.

ALEP: Alternative Learning Experience Program
This is a four credit, semester based program and is generally geared toward senior students. ALEP allows students to earn one compulsory credit (typically in English and/or Math) by attending class for one full day per week (instead of one period per day). Students will also be working in a desired field and earn credit for related "Community Based Education" courses.

Additionally, students may want to take advantage of   OYAP (Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program).  If you are working in a trade and want to pursue it as a career, speak to your ALEP teacher.

Students will need to ensure WSIB registration is provided by the employer, submit paystubs to their teacher and faciliate visits to the workplace by the teacher.

INTENSIVE: Quadmestered Learning Program
This is a quadmester based program and is generally geared towards students seeking to catch up on their credits or reimage their school experience.  Students are enrolled in two courses at a time for 9 weeks, meaning they have fewer teachers and subjects to juggle.  Students struggling with their current timetable may be considered for Intensive on a part- or full-time basis.  Course offerings are adjusted to support staff and students' needs and interests.  


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