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 NOTE CGC1D or CGC1P must be successfully completed as a compulsory course for graduation.  Geography is part of Canadian and World Studies and is included among the Group 1 courses.

All Geography courses were revised by the Ontario Ministry of Education in 2013.  Full descriptions of all courses can be found at their website.

Grade 9 Academic


            Students will explore a variety of environmental, economic, and social geographic issues within Canada’s natural and human systems.   They will examine how these systems are interconnected to other parts of the world and how to make Canada a more sustainable place to live.
        Students should choose the academic level if they are doing well with most
of their learning skills.  In other words they can work independently, show initiative, submit work on time, complete work at home and monitor their own behaviour.

Grade 9 Applied


            Students will explore a variety of issues that affect Canadians like themselves.  They will learn how these issues are connected to issues in other parts of the world, and how their choices influence sustainable living in Canada.
        Students should choose the applied level if they are still finding some of the learning skills a challenge. In other words if they have difficulty working independently, keeping organized, and staying on task, then they may find the smaller applied classes more suitable.

CGD3M       Geography of Food
Grade 10/11 Open
Prerequisite: CGC1D or CGC1P, or CGG3O
              Follow your food from field to fork.  This course explores the geography of food systems focusing on issues of production, manufacturing, distribution, marketing, and consumption.  Students will investigate the interactions of natural and human systems that create the conditions for diverse environmental, economic, cultural, and political factors that influence the food we eat.  Students will use a variety of geotechnologies and inquiry and communication methods to analyse and evaluate geographic issues and communicate their findings. 

Gr. 11 Open                         
Prerequisite:  Either CGC1P1 or CGC1D1
             Thinking of travelling?  Through this course, students will learn about the environmental, socio-cultural, economic, and political factors that influence travel and tourism around the world.  Travel patterns of the present and future will be explored as well as the tensions created by tourism.  This course can be taken in grade 10!  


Grade 11 University/College     
Prerequisite: Either CGC1P1 or CGC1D1      

              Can natural disasters be predicted or prevented?  This course will examine the processes that create human and natural disasters within the Earth’s air, water and land. Students will learn where the risks are the greatest and create plans to prepare and/or respond to these disasters.
Grade 12 University
Prerequisite:  CGC1D1 and any U/C course in Canadian and World Studies, English or Social Science & Humanities

            Is it possible to create a more sustainable and equitable world?  This course will explore this possibility by increasing awareness and understanding of the complex interrelationships between social, geopolitical, and environmental issues and events around the world.





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