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Future Careers

What do Historians do?
Historians ask new questions about the past and answer old questions when considering new evidence or perspectives.  The study of history teaches us to think critically about the past and how it is similar and/or different from the present.  It reveals how the past influences the present and how it is recalled and remembered or sometimes changed or forgotten.
Historians are thoughtful,  skilled people!   They understand the historical significance of events and people , use primary and secondary evidence, identify themes of continuity and change over time, take historical perspectives and determine the moral dimensions and implications of historical interpretations.   Historians also demonstrate the skills necessary for success in a wide range of occupations – critical thinking, careful reading, accurate researching, analytical writing, and effective communication.    

Employers want people who:
·         Are good problem solvers (in history you question and discuss events and issues)
·         Communicate well (in history you describe, interpret and communicate findings about historical events, personalities and themes)
·         Work well in teams (in history you work collaboratively with a strong emphasis on understanding and respecting the opinions and beliefs of others)
·         Work without supervision (in history you conduct independent research into historical events and problem solve independently)
·         Are organized and are able to organize (in history you conduct research, and organize evidence with purpose)
·         Can use computers and technology effectively (in history you use computers to conduct research, keep track of information, find interesting and innovative ways to present information, and problem solve)
·         Think critically and act logically (in history you evaluate historical situations, solve problems, and make decisions based on evidence)
Career Paths in History

Diplomat, Lawyer, Librarian, Civil Servant, Journalist, Manager, Teacher, Writer, Land Claims Researcher, Economist, Tour Guide, Genalogist, Legal Assistant, Police Officer, Political Aide, Community Planner, Politician, Documentary Film Maker, International Aid, Archivist, Museum Curator, Heritage Conservation Officer, CSIS Agent, Lobbyist, Archeologist, Psychologist, Human Resources...

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