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Constitution 181
Article 1: Name and Address
The organization will be known as the Stuart Scott School Council. The members of the school council shall be responsible for maintaining the constitution.
Stuart Scott Public School
247 Lorne Avenue
Newmarket, ON
(905) 895-8461
Article 2: Procedures and Operating Guidelines
The operational procedures of this council are outlines in the YRDSB Policy and Procedure #262, available on the Board's website. All recommendations and activities of the Council shall comply with all Ministry of Education Acts, York Region District School Board Policies and Procedures and Staff Collective Agreements.
Article 3: Membership
3.1: Number of Parent Members
The number of parents on the school council will be a minimum of four (4).
3.2: Number of Community Representatives
The number of community representatives will not exceed two (2).
Article 4: Elections
4.1          Acclamations
Parent elections shall be by acclamation when the number of candidates is equal to, or less than, the number of parent member positions on the council. 
4.2          Election Procedures for Parent Members
• Each parent/guardian seeking election must be nominated or self-nominated in writing, must have a child registered at the school, and must declare if he or she is employed by the Board.
• Each parent/guardian of a student enrolled in the school shall be entitled to one vote for each vacant parent/guardian membership position on the council.
4.3          Terms of Office
Elected and appointed members may seek additional terms of office. We continue to welcome new members.
4.4          Vacancies in Membership
• A vacancy in the membership of a school council does not prevent the council from exercising its' authority.
• If positions remain vacant after the election, the council may appoint parent members.
• Positions that become vacant due to resignation or removal shall be filled as soon as possible by offering the person with the next highest number of votes the opportunity to accept the position. When there are no more candidates available, council may appoint parent members.
Article 5: The Executive
 5.1          The Chair
At the first meeting after the elections, the council will elect one chair or two co-chairs.
5.2          Other Officers
At the first meeting of the school year, the council will elect a secretary and treasurer.
5.3          Vacancies in Office
Officer vacancies will be filled as soon as possible according to Article 5.1 and 5.2.
Article 6: Sub-Committees
At the first meeting of the school year, the following sub-committees may be formed to conduct more in-depth work or to make recommendations to the council:
  • Communications
  • Fundraising
  • Volunteers

Additional sub-committees will be formed as the need arises.

Sub-committees must include at least one (1) parent member of council and may include persons who are not members of the school council.

Article 7: Tithing
The Stuart Scott Parents' Council has resolved that ten percent of the net proceeds raised in any given school year by the Parents' Council through related fundraising events shall be allocated the following year for the support of disadvantaged students relative to their ability to participate in authorized Stuart Scott Public School educational or sports programs which require a personal family payment. Specifically, the funds will be used to assist students who would not otherwise be able to participate due to personal economic circumstances. The funds will be allocated at the discretion of teachers in consultation with the Principal (who in turn shall consult with the Chair of the parents' Council if necessary). The tithe shall be limited to ten percent of funds raised in the preceding year to ensure funds are available. Regular School Council meeting agendas shall include as a regular item a report on tithing at which time all expenditures will be accounted for and documented. Excess funds in any given year shall remain in the general account and shall not accumulate for future tithing.
Article 8: Conflict
8.1          Conflict of Interest
If individual council members perceive themselves to be in conflict of interest, they are honour-bound to declare their conflict at the earliest possible opportunity and at the time of the meeting, so the minutes may reflect this declaration.
8.2          Conflict Resolution
The council will undertake to resolve all internal conflicts within its mandate in a timely manner.
Article 9: Constitutional Amendments
Constitutional amendments need a 2/3 majority to be passed. At each October meeting, the constitution will be reviewed and updated for the term of the school year.
Article 10: Meetings
Council should meet a minimum of four times per year and will not exceed ten meetings.
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