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Special Education Department 113
Special Education Department

Special Education programs are designed to accommodate students identified as exceptional and placed by an Identification, Placement and Review Committee (I.P.R.C.). Placement of exceptional students is reviewed annually. The Special Education Department offers a variety of programs at different levels of service. Special education staff and classroom teachers work closely to encourage and assist students to be successful in all their courses. Please contact Lynn Dutcher or Jennifer Speiran (Heads of Special Education) for further information about Special Education support.

Indirect Service (Fully credit-bearing):
Students placed on indirect service have displayed effective learning strategies in the elementary and secondary classroom, have well developed self-advocacy skills and require minimal support. Special education teachers consult with the regular classroom teacher. If extra help is needed at any time, students are encouraged to contact their special education resource teacher (SERT). Classroom and examination accommodations are available.

Some exceptional students who require additional support. Students placed with Resource Support receive a closer level of monitoring from the SERT than they would with Indirect Service (see above). Students requiring Withdrawal Support will also take a Learning Strategies course for one semester.

LANGUAGE/LEARNING DISABILITIES CLASS (Grade 9 and 10) (Fully credit-bearing):
Students with a specific language-based severe learning disability may require more intensive support in a partially integrated setting. Students will have one teacher for Applied English, Applied Mathematics, Applied Geography/History and Applied Science. In addition, students may be placed in a Learning Strategies class if the need arises.

PARTIALLY INTEGRATED AUTISM SPECTRUM DISORDER CLASS (Grades 9 to 12) (Partially credit-bearing):
This class is for students identified with ASD who require a structured setting that targets social-emotional, communication, and behavioural needs. Generally, students will be working at the academic, applied or locally developed level with reading/concept comprehension at a minimum of grade 6 level or higher. This program provides instruction for the development of individual strategies and technology with access to support personnel throughout their day.

INTENSIVE SUPPORT (Grades 9 to 12+):
This partially integrated class is designed for students who need full replacement programming to achieve success and who will benefit from an environment with fewer transitions. The students remain together for their core courses in Literacy, Numeracy, and Life Skills. Students may choose one or two optional courses from Physical Education, Visual Arts, Music, Business, Technical Education or Family Studies. Opportunities for work experience under the direction of our support staff prepare the student for transition from school to the workplace in the later years. This is a non-credit program.

LIFE SKILLS PROGRAM (Grades 9 to 12+):
This program provides the opportunity for students between the ages of 14 and 21 who have been identified as having a Developmental Disability or Multiple Exceptionalities to participate in a program which includes life skills and functional academics and promotes independence in the community. Skills from the following areas may be included: vocational and applied academics, communication, self-help, motor and social. The level of challenge individually meets the needs and capabilities of each student. Opportunities for work experience under the direction of our support staff prepare the student for transition from school to the workplace. This is a non-credit program.

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