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What's Happening in the S.D.H.S. Library 113
What's Happening in the S.D.H.S. Library
Maker Space:
Did you hear the announcements about Maker Space in the library?  Did you have questions about what colouring has to do with books? Or why you might want to build Lego while on lunch?  Well this is about the library working to support students in a collaborative school environment.  Information is emerging to show that students exposed to learning that occurs in environments that promote collaboration have a greater chance at success in their future.  In the library, we hope to foster that sense of collaboration and bolster it with strategies for self-directed experiential learning.  What is self-directed experiential learning?  It is learning that happens in the absence of structured guidelines.  For example, we have the Lego Robotics kits.  Though there are guides for students who wish them, we promote using the building blocks as you see fit to create a product that you create.  This type of learning also gives students the chance to have authentic collaboration around a goal and find strategies to overcome divergent ideas.  This free-flowing thought project allows the students to take a greater degree of control about how and why they learn.  Through the colouring workstations, we want to promote creativity that also fosters a sense calm.  Students can chose to follow a premade pattern, or, may chose to start with a blank canvas.  We are hoping that this type of outlet will allow students a chance to create a product that shows their creativity without being limited by the structure of a rubric/grading scheme.  We are currently offering this event on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12:15pm - 12:45pm.  If you have any more questions about this opportunity or explanation, please come by and see us in the library any time.

Reading Centres and Physical Layout:
Have you been in the library recently?  Did you see the new grey couches and chairs by the windows?  Did you notice the new locations of shelves and tables?  Did you wonder if we had moved the desks around?  The library has undergone and is continuing to undergo a renovation to give the space a more open feel that will serve a greater number of students.  We have removed physical barriers to movement in the space, reorganized furniture to provide greater access to staff, we have created 3 areas with new furniture for recreational reading.  All of these changes/upgrades have been done to provide a more welcoming space that meets the needs of the most number of students possible.

New Resources:
The library has taken a great deal of time and effort to remove books that no longer meet the needs of our students and staff.  In order to keep a current collection, we have begun to replace these items with resources to support learning and foster reading.  Come see our displays and speak with staff to find out about what new material has come into the space.  If you want to request an item for us to purchase, you can simply tell one of the staff or fill out the Book Request Form beside the front desks.​​
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