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Student Transportation​Student Transportation Services (STS) is a joint venture between the catholic and public school boards in York Region.

For information on bus routes, stop locations, times, late arrivals, cancellation, eligibility, registering a complaint, safety and general information, please visit the Student Transportation Services website or contact the York Region Student Transportation Services School Bus Information Line at 1-877-330-3001, accessible 24 hours a day.

Active and Safe Routes to School​ is a partnership between the catholic and public school boards in York Region and the Region of York.  


The York Region District School Board has a Student Transportation Policy #680.0 that applies to all of its schools.
Due to the large number of buses that service the Ventura Park School Community, we have developed specific procedures to ensure that busing for our students is safe and orderly.
There is always a teacher and a school assistant on duty in the mornings to greet the buses. The bus drivers have been instructed not to let students off the bus until an adult supervisor is on duty at 8:45 a.m. Students make their way to the back of the school where supervising teachers guide their entrance into the school at the bell at 8:55 a.m. If a bus arrives after 8:55 a.m. bell, students enter via the front doors. At no time will a driver drop children off unattended and leave.
In the afternoon, students are expected to move promptly to their designated bus line at the back of the school and wait to be escorted to the bus by a teacher. Buses do not leave the school before 3:35 p.m. which gives students ample time to board the bus after their 3:20 p.m. dismissal. Students in grade one must be met by an adult at their bus stop. Bus drivers have been instructed not to let any grade one student off the bus unless there is an adult there to meet them. The procedure is for the driver to return those students to the school and ask that the parents be notified.
From time to time bus stops and/or routes are changed. When this happens, we notify the parents by letter and notify the teachers and students immediately.
Busing is a privilege extended to our students to support their prompt and safe arrival at school. Every student is responsible to the Principal of the school for his/her conduct while traveling on the bus. The following expectations are intended to make our busing procedures safe and orderly for everyone.

  1. Students must line up according to bus number at the end of the day.
  2. Students must wait for a teacher to escort the line to the bus.
  3. Students must board the bus in an orderly fashion and remain seated for the duration of the bus ride.
  4. Students must ride on the bus to which they have been assigned.
  5. In the event of misconduct, the bus transportation privilege may be withdrawn by the Principal. 

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