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Guidance Department 307
Guidance Department
L. Fisher - Department Head (A-I) 
S. Juma  -  Counsellor (J-Mancer)
J. Petrone - Counsellor (Manco-Wang)

N. Reyhani - Counsellor (IB Coordinator) (Wang-Z)​

U. Koehler - Secretary

If you would like to make an appointment with a guidance counsellor, please email​.

Upcoming Events

Transfer requests from Grade 8 Students

Transfer requests from Grade 8 students must accompany the Registration Forms and are due to their home school by February 1, 2019. Students will be notified of the decision of their transfer request by February 6, 2019.  If the transfer request is approved, current YRDSB students will be required to submit their electronic course selection in My Pathway Planner by February 22, 2019.  Students external to YRDSB will submit a paper copy of their course selection.  Please see your classroom teacher, the secondary school guidance department or school principal with questions regarding course selection.

Transfer requests from Secondary Students

Students currently attending secondary school are to submit transfer request forms to their principal by February 1, 2019. Students will be notified of the decision of their transfer request by February 6, 2019.  If the transfer request is approved, students (both internal and external to our board) will be required to submit a paper copy of their course selection options to their new secondary school by February 22, 2019.  Course selection for approved transfers will not occur in My Pathway Planner.  Please see your classroom teacher, the guidance department or school principal with questions regarding course selection.

University Fall Open Houses 2018/2019

Check out the Ontario Universities' Aboriginal Student Resource Portal 

It provides information on supports and services for Aboriginal/Indigenous students interested in, or already attending, an Ontario university.

Students can find information about:

  • admissions
  • academics
  • financial aid
  • Aboriginal/Indigenous student services
  • student life
  • housing
  • well-being

Future Further also features videos of Aboriginal/Indigenous role models who have achieved success in postsecondary education in Ontario.  Visit

Dates at a Glance

  • Lunch and Learn Session for all Graduating Gr. 12 Students:
    • ​December 10 - Succeed on Your Supplementary Applications
      • ​Sign up in Guidance
  • OUAC Equal Consideration Application deadline - January 16, 2019
  • OCAS Equal Consideration Application deadline - February 1, 2019

A comprehensive list of Clubs and ​Teams @AMHS 2018-2019​. 

Guidance Department 
The Guidance Department of Alexander Mackenzie High School offers you, your parents and your community a variety of services and programs.  
Guidance Counsellors address questions and concerns regarding high school program planning and academic success. They provide information regarding educational alternatives and career choices. Counsellors provide students with a safe, non-judgmental opportunity to address personal and social issues.
During each year of high school, counsellors meet with students to inform them about useful study skills, careers, researching and applying for college and/or university.  (Pathways Beyond Presentation​) This enables students to make a successful transition to post secondary education or to the workplace. We also provide assistance obtaining information about Scholarships and Bursaries
Your guidance counsellor will work with you to create a program that is tailored to meet your needs. Within the semester system you have the opportunity to develop a program that is uniquely yours. You will be able to select subjects that meet your academic interests and your educational strengths.
It is extremely important that you take time to make subject selections (PDF 48kb). Talk with your parents, your teachers and your guidance counselor before you finalize your decision.
Students are encouraged to review their academic progress and to discuss their personal goals. Appropriate materials such as pamphlets, course calendars (doc 28kb) and resources made available. Students are also able to attend the York Region Career Center on request.
Many students and parents consult with counsellors regarding personal concerns. Individual or small group counselling is available upon request. Counsellors also provide referrals and liaison with community social service agencies if this is needed.
Throughout the school year the Guidance Services Department organizes and assists with many special programs. As well, we invite speakers from universities, colleges and the world of work.
Our Career Center (Room 145) contains an abundance of information about post-secondary school programs, career information, computer programs and student opportunities.

The Guidance Program at AMHS
Through Individual and group counseling, classroom visitations, workshops and seminars  the guidance program provides opportunities for students to gain the skills and information necessary to:
  • Develop Educational Plans (PDF 48kb)
  • Help you plan your educational choices, both high school courses and post-secondary programs, so that they are flexible and suited to your needs, aptitudes and abilities.
  • Explore career alternatives
In the career development area of our program, Counsellors help you:
  • Learn more about yourself by encouraging you to recognize and make full use of your interests and aptitudes.
  • Explore a variety of careers.
  • Practice the decision-making skills needed to make wise future choices.
  • Gain self-knowledge & relate effectively to others.
To help you be effective in all life roles, we offer supportive individual and group counseling to foster self-understanding and the development of effective inter-personal relations.
Making a counseling appointment?
Your Guidance Counsellors like to see you as often as possible so we encourage you to make an appointment whenever you feel the need, whether it be for questions about your timetable, trouble with a course, concerns about your future, or problems with friends or family.
Counselors are assigned to students according to the first letter of the student's last name. For academic counseling all students work with their assigned counsellor to ensure that their academic records are in order. For personal counselling students are encouraged to approach their assigned counsellor first, however, are free to work with the counsellor with whom they feel most comfortable.
Here's what you do to see one of the Guidance Counselors.
  1. Come to the Guidance Services Area (Room 143) either before or after school, or during your lunch break to make an appointment with our Guidance Secretary.
  2. Show the form to your subject teacher at the beginning of the period for approval, and come to the Guidance Office at your scheduled time.
  3. Your Counselor will note the time the appointment ended, and you will use the slip for admittance back to class. ​​​
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