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School Improvement Plan 128
School Improvement Plan
Bogart Public School is committed to supporting the Board’s priority areas of Student Achievement, Healthy Schools, Eco-Schools and Environment, Equity and Inclusivity, Parent, Family and Community Engagement, and Caring and Safe Environments . The following is an outline of our School Improvement Plan including highlights of some of the strategies to support student achievement.

Literacy is the overall priority of the YRDSB.  Literacy involves the development of a continuum of skills, knowledge and attitudes that prepare all of our learners for life in a changing world community.  It begins with the fundamental acquisition of skills in reading, writing, listening, speaking, viewing, representing and responding.  It becomes the ability to understand, think, apply and communicate effectively in all subject and program areas in a variety of ways for a variety of purposes.

Student Achievement 
  • Use of DRA and PM Benchmarks for students
  • Integration of Technology into instructional practices
  • Math Literacy
  • Inquiry Based Learning
  • Use of Reading, Writing and Mathematics Exemplars, PM Benchmarks, DRA assessments
  • Comparison of long term EQAO, report card data and Ministry of Education Targets
  • Utilize professional learning teams in areas of Literacy, Math, Enrichment and French
  • Improve learning skills report card data
  • Staff members engage in professional learning – Annual Learning Plans, Training Days, job embedded professional development
  • Block literacy through timetable structures

Healthy Schools

The Yor​​k Region District School Board believes that a healthy school/workplace climate has a positive impact on overall well-being and is essential for students and employees to reach their full potential. The Healthy Schools and Workplaces approach provides school community members with the framework, resource and opportunities to implement our Board policy and create a Positive Climate for Learning and Working.


 Eco-Schools and the Environment

Ontario EcoSchools is an environmental education and certification program for grades K-12 that helps school communities develop both ecological literacy and environmental practices to become environmentally responsible citizens and reduce the ecological footprint of schools.  The EcoSchools program focuses on 4 components:  Ecological Literacy, Waste Minimization, Energy Conservation, and School Ground Greening.

In York Region, we currently have 147 certified elementary schools, secondary schools, and Outdoor Ed Centres.  Each year, the number of certified schools in York Region grows and we get closer to our goal of "Every school an EcoSchool".  Bogart is proud to be an Eco-school!


Equity and Inclusivity 

  • Character Matters Focused Good News Assemblies
  • Together We're Better Team 
  • Argos Huddle-Up Bully Prevention
Parental and Community Involvement – Partnership Development
  • Communication with parents through school website, newsletters, parent meetings, community news board and Bogart Blast emails.
  • School Council and parent workshops to support Character Matters, Mathematics, Transition, Literacy and Technology initiatives
  • Technology Development, Library Automation, school/classroom websites, digital video editing
  • Parents and teachers cooperatively establish high, rigorous expectations for student performance and behaviour
  • School Code of Conduct, Dress Code and Homework Policy – developed with School Council and community
  • School Council support for SIP and other school initiatives

Caring and Safe Environment

Our Board is committed to creating and maintaining caring and safe environments where staff, students, parents/guardians and others feel safe at school and at all school related events and activities.  Caring and safe environments are at the heart of all of the Board's efforts to promote students achievement and well-being and, in turn, student success.

An important measure of a caring and safe school is its ability to identify the range of needs of its students and determine how they influence student behaviour. To that end, it is the responsibility of school staff to recognize the particular needs of individual students, including the complex and additional challenges faced by some students with special education needs, and to find ways of meeting those needs. (Caring and Safe Schools in Ontario, 2010​)


Our work supports: Prevention, Intervention and High Risk Management​​

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