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Curriculum ResourcesAt Boxwood we have been working on developing the Boxwood Book and Math Rooms as part of our commitment to build student understanding of the curriculum. The variety of literacy and numeracy materials available in the two resource rooms benefit our students in their daily inquiries and learning.
Visit the Elementary Ontario Curriculum more information.  


Positive Climates for Learning

“It takes a village to raise a child.”  This is not one proverb, but a proverb made from the sentiments of many proverbs from many cultures.  We are all part of making a society where children are nurtured and educated to become well-rounded citizens.
Equity - Inclusivity York Region Board of Education has taken this as an initiative to create a school environment where each individual is valued and respected in order to create a positive place to learn and grow.  Safe, inclusive, equitable and caring are the hallmarks of this plan and teachers aim to support this by having our focus on teaching strategies that foster healthy relationships.
Positive Climates for Growth is the title of this initiative and it includes many aspects of what we do.  Character Matters,  Equity Initiatives,  Bullying Prevention, Student Success, Tribes, Eco-schools, Social and Emotional Learning are some of the ways our board is meeting the challenge of creating a “Village” where all are responsible for creating a positive learning environment.
At Boxwood, students have access to various types of technology at school, including: laptops, netbooks, interactive whiteboards, tablets etc. Students will also be engaged in lessons with the use of LCD projectors and document cameras. With the use of technology comes responsibility, all students are expected to treat equipment respectfully in order to have the opportunity to use it. The use of technology is encouraged in all subject areas - including writing tasks, reading tasks, research, inquiry etc. Students will be given opportunities throughout the school year to build on various different skills using technology. We believe in teaching our students to become well rounded individuals, including developing an understanding of Digital Citizenship, a concept which helps teachers, parents, and students to understand what, how and when to use technology appropriately. We look forward to teaching our students to become independent, knowledgeable, and safe users of technology.
At home, you may want to focus on safe use of the internet. Some tips are:
  • ensure the computer is in a common room in the house
  • look at the websites you child is visiting
  • share an email account with your child so you can monitor messages.
  • bookmark your child's favourite sites, so that they can easily navigate to them
  • ensure you keep passwords to sites your child uses - such as: social media sites
  • remind them that basic safety rules apply on-line as well, for example - don’t give out your name, school name, address, birthday, or any other personal information online
  • spending time together online will help to teach and reinforce appropriate online behavior
At Boxwood, the students are engaged in guided reading, writing and language activities through thematic units in the Activie and/or the Tout Ados program. The students learn new vocabulary, language structures and grammar. In addition, the students are taught gestures that are associated with frequently used vocabulary. The gestures help students understand French and allow them to speak, read and write with more confidence by applying the learned vocabulary to real-life situations. Learning another language is a very rewarding experience and the students at Boxwood will develop their skills which will assist them in the future.
"In Ontario and throughout Canada, many jobs require skills in both French and English, and even when it is not a mandatory requirement; French can be a valuable asset in work that involves interacting with the public. Students gain significant advantages when they speak more than one language. Besides creating more work options and the potential to earn a higher income, learning FSL helps strengthen first-language skills and establishes a solid foundation for learning additional languages. Studies have shown that learning more than one language has a positive effect on the development of problem-solving and creative-thinking abilities. Additional personal benefits include a heightened appreciation for French culture in Canada and around the world, a broadening of global perspectives, and increased opportunities for international travel and study as well as a general understanding and acceptance of diversity.” Ontario Ministry of Education
For ways in which to assist your child at home, please visit these websites provided by the Ontario Ministry of Education.
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