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School Climate 445
School Climate

Safe, Caring and Supportive Schools

Every student has a right to learn in a safe, caring and supportive environment. YRDSB promotes safe, caring and supportive school and work environments in order to optimize student and staff learning, safety and effectiveness. We focus on safety, responsible citizenship and civility as defined by the standards of behaviour for the province of Ontario in the Provincial Code of Conduct, and our Board's Respectful Workplace and Learning Environment Policy and Procedure. Safe, caring and supportive learning cultures are at the heart of all of our efforts to promote student achievement and well being, and in turn, student success.
Discipline of students begins at home with parents who are the first and primary educators for their children. This includes responsibility for social development, behaviour and discipline. We work in partnership with parents in the support of students' social, emotional and academic growth.
For most students, effective school discipline is ensured through student engagement in interesting and challenging programs that meet individual needs. Clear behavioural expectations support student engagement and are based on meaningful communication between students, parents or adult students and the school. In reinforcing appropriate behaviour, staff use a continuum of positive practices that strive to teach, promote and reinforce positive and productive behaviours while providing predictable and supportive consequences to behaviours that are identified as being inappropriate. It is the intent in all situations involving aggression to achieve fairness in consequences for the aggressor and support for the victim. Information will be shared with the victim and parents of the victim to the extent that legislation allows.
We embrace a progressive approach to discipline in schools. In partnership with parents and the community, the development of good character, cultural proficiency, and appropriate social skills that build healthy relationships is the priority.

To find more information please visit the PC4L page on the Boards website


Positive Climates for Learning

York Region District School Board Hosts Our Voice: Take Action

The York Region District School Board is proudly presenting its third annual Our Voice student led conference. This year, the focus is on looking at the relationship between mental health, bullying and well-being and how we can develop safe spaces in schools. The conference is taking place on April 30, 2014, at the Sheraton Parkway Hotel in Richmond Hill.


Cornell Village PS's PC4L Plan

Connection to Mission, Vision and Values and SIP Goals:

Mission: To advance student achievement and well-being through public education, which motivates learners, fosters inclusion, inspires innovation and builds community.

Vision: To be a leader in public education by empowering all students to become engaged and caring citizens of the world.

Values:  Our School  Board operates on a set of values which guides our actions: Inclusivity, Relationships, Innovation, Engagement, Responsibility, Optimism

Guiding Parameters

1. Caring and Safe*

2. Mental Health and Addictions*

3. Equity and Inclusivity*

4. Healthy Schools and Workplaces

5. Eco Schools and Workplaces  

6. Our Voice
​Intended Impact ​Evidence of Impact
Student Voice Increase in the number of students who are participating in the school’s Me2We team. Reduced waste (as seen through the school’s Waste Management Audit. Student’s behavior (social and emotional) changes in the classroom and on the yard. Outdoor classroom being built and used by staff and students from the school.
Parent Engagement Support for the Outdoor classroom.Support for Litterless/boomerang lunches. Battery recycle box in school. Support and feedback from School Council.
Community Partnerships Outdoor classroom, local company donating materials and school council supporting with funding. Cornell Village PS Garden in the community. Me2We Partnerships.
Learning Environment Students have a voice into the planning of events around the school and Me2We initiatives. Communty has imput into the design of the outdoor classroom.
Social Emotional Environment Social groups are helping students with deal with social situations, behaviours and helping students to build positive social relationships with other students. Me2We initiatives that affects all of our students to gain a better understanding of lives of childreb from around the world.
Physical Environment Eco Team received bronze certification last year and they are working on getting the gold certificate this school year. Outdoor classroom. Bricks for Schools in India, a Me2We initiative.
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