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Study Skills 102
Study Skills
Tutoring Help:
A students first place to seek extra help is from their subject teachers. They can also seek assistance from the following sources:
  • Peer Tutors in the school who provide free tutoring for Denison students
  • For Professional Tutors: Pick up a list from the Guidance Office
Twelve Practical Study Skill Tips For High School Students

1. Setting Goals - Set specific and realistic goals for each subject and have a plan to achieve them.

2. Tracking Assignments - Use a calendar, agenda, or smartphone.

3. Planning Your Time - Plan the time when you will study and remember to take breaks.

4. Taking Notes In Class - Listen actively and record key points in your own words. Re-read your notes a.s.a.p. after class (always on the same day) to clarify misunderstandings and reinforce learning.

5. Reviewing Material - Practice retrieving information from your long term memory by covering the page and repeating the information back to yourself.

6. Reading Text Books - Skim introduction, summary, headings, graphs, and visuals prior to  reading.  

 7. Remembering What You Read - Read actively to answer questions - write notes on key points and test your knowledge by repeating the information back to yourself.

8. Preparing For Exams - Formulate questions on important material. Write out and check answers to questions. Practice recall by covering the page and repeating the answers.

9. Writing Exams - Take time at the start to skim the exam and budget your time based on marks for each question. On essay questions, prepare an outline before beginning to write.

10. Keeping Fit  - Physical health and fitness improve mental stamina. Eat sensibly, get plenty of sleep, and incorporate regular exercise.

11. Coping With Stress - Take 15 - 20 minutes a day to clear the mind.

12. Overcoming Negative Thinking - Consciously practice thinking about yourself and seeing yourself in more positive ways. Avoid negative habits such as perfectionism, excessive competitiveness and feelings of inadequacy that may be causing stress and anxiety.​​ Strategies for stress:​

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