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School Song 334
School Song

Our Moment

There’s unity in our community,

A reflection of who we are.

No discrimination, just determination

Together we’ll go far.

Our eyes see no boundaries.

Helping the world work’s never done.

Our futures are bright, ‘cuz we go to Forest Run.

Forest Run is like a book

With many shapes and different looks.

At this school we laugh and play

This is where we make our day

It’s the story that begins here

It seems together we got nothing to fear

When we dream we fly, we touch the sky.


This is our song,

This our moment,

Got to live it out,

Know what to shout,

Let’s show it (repeat)


The teachers really help us here

Make everything so crystal clear

Without them we won’t make it

In life it’s hard to fake it


Because of this school we are tryin’

The staff is the reason that we are flyin’

The secretaries, they keep us safe

The teachers are the ones who gives us faith.

The caretakers, keepin’ it clean

From when we were young ‘til we’re a teen

So now we say thanks to all our staff

‘Cuz they are the ones who keep us on track.

Chorus x2 ... Chorus a capella

Our Moment  (click to hear our school song)​​

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