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Primary (Grades 1-3) 448
Primary (Grades 1-3)
Our goal at JRPS to promote, develop and deepen thinking around inquiry. Creating authentic learning tasks engage students and allow them opportunities to see themselves as learners.
As educators we are charged with the great challenge and responsibility of engaging students in learning so that they develop the skills and knowledge they need to function in today’s world. Questions and concerns abound. How do we instill the skills and the values necessary to experience success in the present and in the future? How can we provide opportunities for students to move beyond being passive recipients of knowledge to become knowledge builders, capable of creative and innovative solutions to problems? How can we play a role in human progress by equipping our students with the requisite knowledge, skills and dispositions to solve the daunting problems of our age?
Inquiry-based learning is an approach to teaching and learning that places students’ questions, ideas and observations at the centre of the learning experience. Educators play an active role throughout the process by establishing a culture where ideas are respectfully challenged, tested, redefined and viewed as improvable, moving children from a position of wondering to a position of enacted understanding and further questioning (Scardamalia, 2002). Underlying this approach is the idea that both educators and students share responsibility for learning.  CBS_InquiryBased.pdf
The following are a few resources that you may find helpful:
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