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SPARC! Universally Accessible Learning Commons 448
SPARC! Universally Accessible Learning Commons
A Universally Accessible Interactive Space for Learning, Inventing, Collaborating & Innovating

SPARC! is a universally accessible learning commons that stands for: Students Participate in Action Research Creatively.

SPARC! is a combination of modern learning approaches that includes and honours our existing library space allowing for makerspace learning opportunities.

SPARC! can be accessed by students with a variety of learning needs. The SPARC! space honours Universal Accessibility, allowing students and teachers with differing physical, sensory, learning and/or Mental health strengths and challenges to create, re-purpose, explore, invent and innovate.

SPARC! will include: a variety of technology to access information (iPads, voice augmentation devices, eye-gaze technology etc.), books in a variety of formats (traditional, digital, Braille), accessible furniture and large display spaces where ideas can be shared and developed collaboratively. SPARC! will be designed to allow all students to enter and access learning at their own pace, in response to their own questions, based on their own ability, in an environment that puts no limits on their creative learning. The ideas that propelled this project were suggestions made by the JRPS team of teachers, students and community. The process and impact will be documented to monitor success and allow for replication across schools. 

SPARC! will be an indoor extension of
our existing Universally Accessible Schoolyard (please visit that section of our website for more information) where students are encouraged to explore and discover new skills, immersed in nature. Students and teachers have asked for a space where outdoor inquiries can be further explored. SPARC!, because of its accessibility, will compliment this outdoor space and extend the learning. This method of exploration teaches resilience and perseverance through hands-on experiences.

The highlight of SPARC! is our innovative interactive wall which is divided into sections to allow Lego building, magnetic discovery and a Green Space (for green screen technology) as part of a changeable installation. The wall will serve as inspiration and a way to develop and share ideas. Materials for this one-of-a-kind wall will be crafted using organic/recycled/reclaimed items and items created by students using 3D printing. The wall and materials can be adapted for use by all students including those with physical and motor limitations. 


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