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Maple Drives Safe
Maple Drives Safe.jpgDear Parents and Guardians,
Safety of our students is of prime importance to the school and we go to great lengths to make sure that all students of Maple High are secure and safe within its premises. It has been brought to our attention that during the start and end time of school some drivers are causing concern for the safety of the students as well as other drivers:
1) In the front of the main entrance, cars blocking all lanes cause congestion within the school premises and all the way to the Springside Rd and Melville Ave.  More importantly, it results in some unsafe driving which endangers the students coming out of and entering the school.  As an alternate parents can pick-up / drop-off children on Springside Rd and Parktree Dr, where a new ‘Stop’ sign has been fixed for the safe crossing of school students.
The lane for ‘Buses Only’ is to be kept free for buses bringing in students from field trips or tournaments; and the ‘Fire Route’ lane must be kept accessible for emergency vehicles at all times.  Therefore, we request all drivers to refrain from waiting in front of the school and causing the road blocks.  It is for your own children’s safety. 
2) On the east side of the school, cars are blocking traffic by trying to go around parked cars and driving into the oncoming traffic (including school buses) that is trying to exit onto Melville Avenue. This situation has worsened during the winter due to the snow banks narrowing that road. We ask for some patience as well as some consideration for other drivers and cars and proceed only when the opposite lane is clear.
3) Finally, some drivers drive very fast in the parking lot making the situation, at times, unsafe for other cars and students. Also some drivers do not take care when they back out of parking spaces. Please exercise caution and consideration while in the parking lot so that everyone remains safe and accidents are avoided.
We seek the cooperation of all parents dropping off and picking up their children to ensure they observe safe driving practices.
Thank you for your anticipated cooperation.
Maple High School Council
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