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Dress Code 313
Dress Code
Our Dress Code Policy:
  • Meets the requirements of the Ministry of Education, Safe Schools Act, 2000, subsection 302(5) that “a board shall establish policies and guidelines respecting appropriate dress for pupils in schools within the board’s jurisdiction, and the policies and guidelines must address such matters and include such requirements as the Minister may specify”.
  • Is consistent with the Human Rights Code and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms
  • Respects the rights of persons of all cultures, faiths and abilities
  • Addresses issues of compliance and affordability
All staff and students at High School are expected to maintain an appropriate level of dress and personal hygiene such as would be acceptable to an employer.  This helps to set the proper tone for a respectful workplace and learning environment.  Specifically, acceptable garments will include athletic wear and jeans, if worn in a way that there are no visible undergarments or exposed midriffs. Footwear must be on at all times.
Items of clothing must be whole and must bear no vulgar, profane or disrespectful symbols; no images that promote drugs or alcohol, or that are racially, ethnically, sexually or religiously offensive.  No headgear is to be worn inside the school, other than that required for accepted religious practices or school programs.  Hats, bandanas,   do-rags and masks are not allowed.
The Principal and/or Vice-Principals will make final decisions regarding appropriate dress. 
Students who fail to respect the Dress Code will be instructed to do one of the following:
  • Surrender inappropriate accessories;
  • Change into other clothing;
  • Wear clothing items provided by the school (e.g. t-shirt or shorts); or
  • Go home and to change into appropriate clothing.
Other consequences such as detentions and suspensions will follow repeated infractions.
Clothing Guidelines:
  • Clothing free of rips, & inappropriate logos, slogans, pictures and symbols. No depiction of weapons, violence or gore.
  • Shoulders straps must be three-finger width (minimum). No halter or tube-tops.
  • No undergarments showing.  Leggings must be covered at and above mid-thigh.
  • Cleavage covered and not visible.
  • Midriff /back covered completely.  No spiked accessories/jewelry that can cause physical harm.
  • Mid-thigh length for bottom garments (including slits).  Shorts/skirts no shorter than finger-tip level.
  • Non-see-through clothing for tops and bottoms.










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