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Mathematics Department 407
Mathematics Department

Mathematics is an important tool that ​empowers individuals to describe, analyse, and understand the world we live in. Mathematical literacy involves more than executing procedures. It implies a knowledge base and the competence and confidence to apply this knowledge in the practical world. A mathematically literate person can estimate; interpret data; solve day-to-day problems; reason in numerical, graphical, and geometric situations; and communicate using mathematics. Mathematical literacy is as important as proficiency in reading and writing. Mathematics is so entwined with today’s way of life that we cannot fully comprehend the information that surrounds us without a basic understanding of mathematical ideas. Confidence and competence in mathematics lead to productive participation in today’s complex information society and open the door to opportunity.

Our curriculum is designed to help students prepare for university, college, or the workplace by building a solid conceptual foundation in mathematics that will enable them to apply their knowledge and skills in a variety of ways and further their learning successfully.

The curriculum has been designed to integrate appropriate technologies into the learning and doing of mathematics, while equipping students with the manipulation skills necessary to understand other aspects of the mathematics that they are learning, to solve meaningful problems, and to continue to learn mathematics with success in the future. Technology is not used to replace skill acquisition; rather, it is treated as a learning tool that helps students explore concepts.

The Mathematics Department at Markville Secondary School offers a wide variety of courses to fulfill the ever-changing needs of the school’s diverse student population.  In grades 9 and 10, we offer Locally Developed, Academic and Destreamed courses. In grades 11 and 12, we offer a number of Workplace, College, University, Pre- AP and AP (Advanced Placement) courses so that students can access different pathways that will help them progress and be successful in their educational careers.

Our department is committed to ensuring that our students achieve success, and we encourage open communication with parents and guardians regarding their child’s progress throughout the year.

Extra help is provided by all teachers. Appointments for extra help should be made with individual teachers.

Math Department Team
Chris Achong (Department Head),
Bethany Cheung (on leave),
Raisy Kazi (LTO),
Kassie Kei-Baxter,
Shirin Khalili,
Michael Lam,
Gordon Li, 
Tara Man (Assistant Department Head),
Juliana Nobrega,
Tamara Segal (on leave),
Gabriela Smeianu,
Justin Yang (LTO),

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