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Clubs and Organizations 407
Clubs and Organizations
2018-2019 Clubs & Organizations
Name of Club Description Teacher Advisor(s) Meeting Date(s) and Time(s) Room Number
3D Printing Club Students will learn the basics of 3D modeling and printing. They will explore this awesome new process by turning their concepts from digital to reality. V. Cvetkovski Wednesdays (3:10pm -4:30pm) 206
ABC+ (Anti-Bullying Club+) School / adolescent issues ie: Bullying, MADD, Anxiety / Depression / Stress, numerous different 'awareness' campaigns (Movember, breast cancer, self harm, etc.), holiday drives, etc. S. Ireland Alternating Tuesdays / Wednesdays (3:00pm - 4:00pm) 224
Ambassadors Club Help with Parent's Nights, University Night, and fundraise for certain organizations throughout the year. T. Segal  TBA - emails sent out to members
Wednesdays (3:10 pm)
Art Club Explore different art and craft activities or use as open studio time to work on projects of choice  M. Park Thursdays (3:00pm - 4:00pm) 142
Audio-Visual Club Students offer tech assistance (lighting. sound, screen, etc.) for cafeteria events M. Diluccio Meetings held when assistance is required and training for new members held as required. Cafeteria
Brain Bee The Brain Bee is a club designed for students who are interested in the study of the brain and neuroscience.  Students represent Markville to compete regionally.  S. Liu,
K. Williams
2 days per month 109
Breakfast Club Students run the Markville Nutrition program.Promoting healthy snacks and breakfast is to all students 3 days a week.  N. Saini,
B. Pardatscher,
M. Thompson 
(as required this year)
Mondays Biweekly (3:00pm)
Classics Club Our club members will  be training for Certamen - the Semi-annual buzzer competition in history, Roman life, mythology and vocabulary.  
This is an 8-week commitment involving 1-2 meetings per week, independent and small group training. 
N. Saini,
E. Keyzers
Tuesdays (3:00pm-4:00pm)
but may change
Computer Engineering/ Robotic Club   robotic with VEX S. Huang Tuesdays (3:00pm) 334
Computer Science Club
Beginner Coding
The Beginner Computer Science Club introduces students to basic programming in C++. Club members participate in club meetings once a week in preparation for the Junior CCC. T. Chow Mondays
(3:00 pm)
Computer Science Club
Advanced Coding
The Advanced Computer Science Club explores complex algorithms and high level concepts. Club members participate in club meetings once a week in preparation for the Senior CCC. T. Chow Mondays
(3:00 pm)
Computer Science
Learn to develop games with a game engine. S. Huang Thursdays (3:00pm) 334
DECA Business case study competition S. Whiler,
T. Rao,
B. Cheung
Wednesdays (3:00pm) 204
Drama Club Drama Club meets once a week to rehearse and perform mini skits and improvisation activities. Students develop their public speaking skills, and ability to perform in front of an audience. Typically, the club works towards producing and performing a production at the end of second semester. H. Cockburn Mondays
(3:10pm - 4:00pm)*
*more frequently and longer rehearsals towards performance dates)
Room 346
Eco Club Environment club S. Liu,
E. Keyzers 
Mondays or Fridays (3:00pm) 328
ESL Buddy Club (English as a Second Language) Students participate in activities to encourage conversational English L. Mathura-Matos,
Monthly as per notification via email by the teacher advisors 314
Fitness Club Work-out in the fitness room.   B.Shah,
T. Rodney,
C. Durante,
G. Li,
D. Teape
except for the 1st Monday of the month. Every other Friday.
Tuesdays (7:30am-8:00am) 
French Peer Tutoring Club Senior French students tutor Gr. 9 & 10 students on written and oral activities plus their speaking. All students are welcome to practice their spoken French.  A.Ebrahim,
M. Carter
Tuesdays Period 3  
(11am-11:45am) and (3:05pm-4:10pm) 
Period 3 - 316
After School
Fuze Dance This club will promote an appreciation for dance at Markville.  Students will learn choreographed dance moves, improve their dance skills and confidence.  Students will be a part of a fun learning environment that will encourage teamwork.  J. Nobrega,
C. Ye
Will be communicated by email to club members. 346
HOSA (Health Occupation Students of America) Like DECA for health science-minded students N. Saini Fridays Biweekly
La Bonne Vida: International Languages Club All students who are interested in learning basic phrases in a variety of languages, including French and Spanish.  Participants will view short movies and prepare and sample foods from different cultures. They will participate in cultural events.
Some events will be connected to community service and giving back to the local community. 
A. Ebrahim,
M. Carter
Every second Wednesday 3:05pm-4:30pm 315
LICA  Students who can support each other for better wellness and volunteer in helping people in need S. Hamed Approximately every three weeks
MAC (Markville Athletic Council) Council of students who promote Markville Athletics and provide school wide activities that promote health / wellness and active lifestyles (ie. Inside Ride, Dodge Ball Buy In, Mental Health Week, Terry Fox Walk / Run, Athletic Banquet).  Applications to MAC due in May (grade 9s apply in September). A. Chong,
J. Wiskin
Tuesdays  (3:15pm-4:15pm) 234
Markville Gazette
Newspaper Club
Newspaper Club
The student-run Markville Gazette is produced twice a year and features student writing and reporting on a variety of issues.
U. Jalaluddin,
A. Izadpanah
MCL (Markville Community Leaders) Students are connect with local initiatives and organizations that offer volunteer opportunities.  This club is suitable for students who have yet to complete their 40 hours of volunteer work or those who would like to gain more experience applying their leadership, time-management, problem solving and teamwork skills. C. Durante  (TBA)
Biweekly Wednesdays or Thursdays
Peer Tutoring - After School Students tutor students in all subject areas G. Smeianu,
N. Kaczor,
J. Li,
M. Pacht,
H. Lien

Tuesdays & Thursdays
(3:00pm - 4:00 pm) 
Peer Tutoring - Library Students tutor students in all subject areas   Mondays & Wednesdays Periods 3 & 4  Library (201)
Philosophy Club
Thought Café
Discussion of ideological ideas which affect our thinking, understanding of society and our place in it.  A. Mitrevski 2nd Thursday of every month
(3:05pm - 4:00pm)
Physics Club Explore cool topics, and content beyond the scope of the curriculum.  The Markville Physics Club is going to demonstrate and discuss different aspects of physics through fun experiments and short lessons. Possible topics that can be covered include torque, thermodynamics, fluid dynamics, momentum, and topics in AP Physics. In this club, preparations for physics contests will also be carried out, such as the OAPT Physics Contest, and the Sir Isaac Newton Physics Contest.  In addition, we will also be assisting students with physics problems. L. Zarrion Monthly
Pride Markville This club is for all members and allies of the 2SLGBTQ+ community.  We promote equity and inclusion with a particular focus on the 2SLGBTQ+ community. Our goal is to make Markville a safe and welcoming place for all students, staff and visitors. K. Doak,
D. McKillop, 
Project Ethos (Bilingual Public Speaking Club) This fun bilingual speaking club is capped at twenty students. This club is perfect for students at both ends of the spectrum in terms of levels of confidence and ability. We build capacity and courage to speak and present in front of large groups. 
Students will develop and refine an array of public speaking skills that include:
-one minute improvisations
-one to six minute prepared speeches
-mindful use of body language and facial expression to reinforce intended messages.
-oral presentation skills combined with use of technology
Interested members will have opportunities to compete in French and/or English through outside service organizations such as the Lion’s Club, Optimist International and The Royal Canadian Legion.

A. Mitrevski  Thursday (3:05pm -4:00pm)

Semester 1- Once a month

Semester 2-Two to three times a month  as there are competitions 
Rock Climbing Club Rock climbing at The Hub (Woodbine & Hwy 7). Open to all levels of experience. D. Kozai,
H. Lien,
H. Chow,
S. Delairi
A few times a month after school (no regular meeting day) 338
SAC (Student Activity Council) -a group of elected students who plan activities for the school including semi-formal, spirit events and other fun activities  L. Mathura-Matos,
C. Ye,
F. Siddiqui,
T. Man
(3:00 pm)
Science Tutoring Club Extra help for students in Science.
(Oct - Jan, Mar - Jun)
D. McKillop,
Science Department
Sew Creative
Craft Club
Students will learn how to make their own clothes, jewellery,crafts or costumes, read patterns and use a sewing machine. (Lots of other crafts too). M. Chan,
K. Kei-Baxter
Mondays Biweekly 109
Student Translators Students translate throughout the year for parents, students, and teachers H. Wager,
K. Scagnetti,
A. Ruffo,
J. Li
Varies Guidance
(Transitions Activity Council)
Student mentors organize and run all transitions related events (ex. Gr. 9 Day, Camp Green Acres, Gr 8 Day/Night, etc.). Students will develop leadership skills and have the opportunity to support incoming Markville students!  K. Scagnetti,
J. Li
*as needed only
**other meeting times may be called
228 (subject to change) 
TED Ed Club Learn how to develop your passion into a TED Ed talk. N. Saini T.B.D. 220
The Mindfulness Club A. Bertoni,
B. Ramloogam
Mondays (Occasional Tuesdays)
(3:10pm - 4:00pm)
Toastmasters This is a prescribed program developed by Toastmasters International (  that focuses on building communication and leadership skills. It consists of 8 sessions which will be held once a week during Period 3 Lunch.  I. Achong,
L. Sirju,
A. Ruffo,
C. Durante,
M. Li,
M. Pacht,
S. Liu
Wednesdays Period 3 Lunch  347
True Vine Christian fellowship M. Nicholson,
S. Kim
Fridays (3:00pm -4:30pm) 231
YAC (Young Activists Club) A club that looks at social issues at a local, national and global level and helps! M. Carter,
L. Sirju
Thursdays (3:00pm) 316

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