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Music 405

There are three stream of music performance in the MCI Music Department:


​Instrumental stream

  • Students learn to play woodwind, brass, and percussion instruments and participate in the school's Concert Bands.

Keyboard / Piano

  • Students learn the basic technique behind piano performance.

Steel Pan

  • Information in not available at this time.

Program Rationale


The Music Department at Middlefield C.I. strives to provide an artistic and creative outlet to all students, regardless of previous experience.  Students achieve success through collaboration in class and in rehearsal, and demonstrate their achievements in concert settings for the community and their peers.​ 


Teacher Information

Dr. Chesky Neceski, Subject Head

(voicemail extension 4612, office extension 125)



AMI 1O4 (Grade 9 Lunchtime Music, Advanced)


AMI 2O4 (Grade 10 Lunchtime Music)


AMI 2O1/3M1/4M1 (Grades 10-12 Instrumental Music)


AMR 1O4 (Grade 9 Thursday Band)


AMR 3M4/3O4/4M4/4E4 (Senior Band)

Mr. Andrew Hobbs

(voicemail extension 4601, office extension 125)



AME 1O4 (Grade 9 Lunchtime Music, Beginners)


AMR 1O4 (Grade 9 Tuesday Band)


AMR 2O4 (Grade 10 Concert Band)


AMR 1O5/2O5/3M5/4M5 (Choir)


AMK 2O1/3M1/4M1 (Grades 10-12 Piano) 


Special Program Opportunities

Outside of the Music courses, students have the opportunity to develop leadership skills on the Music Council and participate in social events which have included trips to LaserQuest, bowling, and pizza/movie nights at the school.


MCI Concerts


The Music Department produces three major concert events each year.  The Fall Concert in late October/early November features the Senior-level ensembles.  The Winter Concert in December showcases all of the Music Department’s performance groups, including the first performances of the Grade 9 Bands.  The Spring Concert in May is the final concert, demonstrating the end result of a year’s worth of rehearsals. 


The Senior Band and Choir undertake a December Roadtrip to a number of elementary partner schools to perform for younger students.


Middlefield participates in the York Region MusicAlive festival.  Over 10,000 students participate in this festival which includes bands, choirs, jazz bands, solos, duets, and much more from both elementary and secondary schools.  Participants receive a rating of Gold, Silver, or Bronze according to their performance level.


Music Council


All Music students are invited to join the Music Council, which meets weekly to plan events and concerts.  The Music Council organizes a Grade 9 Social in the year, as well as a Fall Social and Spring Social for the entire Music Department.  They are key leaders in the planning and execution of concerts.  At the end of the year, they plan the Music Banquet and Awards Night.


Music Achievement Club


Music students earn points for participating in concert events, earning exceptional grades on evaluations, and taking initiative for individual performances.  At the end of the year, students who have earned sufficient points will receive special recognition as members of the Music Achievement Club, and have their names “etched in history” on the annual plaque in the Music Room.


Field Trips


The Music Department typically organizes two to three trips to see professional performances.


One trip is to see a musical.  Previously, we have been to see The Phantom of the Opera (2015), Crazy for You (2014), Les Miserables (2013), Mary Poppins (2012), Wicked (2011), and West Side Story (2010).


An annual trip to see the Toronto Symphony Orchestra is also a tradition.  Usually, there are strong connections between the music heard at the TSO, and repertoire being studied in class.


When schedules permit, an additional concert is planned to see the Toronto Youth Wind Orchestra or the Hannaford Street Silver Band.



Careers & Post-Secondary Studies


Students wishing to pursue Music at the post-secondary level are encouraged to seek private instruction on their instrument in order to prepare for auditions.  However, involvement in Music throughout high school prepares students by positively reinforcing many of the important learning skills necessary to succeed at a career and in post-secondary education.



  • Responsibility: students are required to prepare their parts ahead of a rehearsal, or risk holding up the development of the ensemble.
  • Organization: success in music requires having a number of important materials on hand, and planning personal practice time to ensure readiness to engage in rehearsal.
  • Initiative: performing music is inherently a risk-taking endeavour, requiring the courage to stand in front of others.
  • Collaboration: the rehearsal process relies on the ability of each person to add their contribution in a positive and constructive way.
  • Works Individually: outside of rehearsal, the personal preparation and practice develops discipline and resilience to failure as gradual improvements are achieved.



Playing a piece of music, whether alone or in a group, requires focus and concentration, and training the mind to balance a number of skills simultaneously.


Musical training develops listening sensitivity, personal discipline, and an improved ability to communicate non-verbally.  These skills translate into many different careers.  For specific careers that draw on musical skills, please consult the following websites.  The YRDSB is not responsible for content on third-party websites.


Be​rklee - Careers in Music 


Monster - 10 Jobs for Music Lovers 


Music School Central 





All Music students are encouraged to join the MCIMusic_AMR mailing list with their gapps account.  A number of Music-specific announcements are posted to this group regarding tests, social events, performances, and other opportunities.


Through their gapps account, students also have access to the MCI Music website, which has a number of excellent resources on the home page, including links for ear training practice and musical terms.​​​​​​

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