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Health & Physical Education 405
Health & Physical Education

The Health & Physical Education Department at Middlefield takes pride in offering a well-rounded program with an emphasis on the physical, mental, social and emotional well-being of our students.

Did you know that regular exercise promotes brain activity to improve student learning in different ways? To begin, it increases attention span, alertness, mood, and heightens motivation. It also prepares the nerve cells in the brain to receive new information, and finally, it promotes the development of new nerve cells in the brain (Dr. J. Ratey).

Our department recognizes the positive impact this can have on teens and provides students at MCI with a balanced program to help students lead a healthy lifestyle and engage in learning at a high level.

Teacher Contact Information:


​Teacher Na​me Workroom​ Ext.​
Catherine Bell​ (Interim Head) ​127 127​
​Jackie Gordon ​127 127​
​Barry Hytman ​127 128​
Jonathan Lloyd​ ​127 128​
​Dan McMullen ​127 128​
​Tamara Terranova 127​ 127​


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