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Dear Parents/Guardians,

Welcome to all our new and returning families!  Our caring, professional and dedicated school team has been working hard to prepare to welcome and transition the students  back to school. We have missed our students, and we are looking forward to seeing their (masked) faces soon! We are committed to supporting our students’ transition back to school and to providing a learning environment where everyone feels safe, welcome and respected.

We know that families have many questions.  If you have not had an opportunity to review the Board’s Re-opening Plan on the Board website, we encourage you to do so. 

There are no classes on Tuesday, September 7 or Wednesday, September 8.  Grade 9 students as well as Community Class students will begin school on Thursday, September 9.  All other students will begin scho​ol on Friday, September 10.


September 9 -- Grade 9 Day

Grade 9 students will follow a Day 2/Week 2 timetable on this day. This means they will attend their Block 3 class in the morning period and Block 4 class in the afternoon (More information on timetables below.) On this day, they will meet their Blocks 3 and 4 teachers and will participate in a variety of community-building activities, a school tour, learn how to use their lockers and the routines of the school day.  


September 10 -- Classes for All Grades 

All students will follow a Day 2/Week 2 timetable on this day. This means they will attend their Block 3 class in the morning period and Block 4 class in the afternoon (More information on timetables below.) On this day, they will meet with their Blocks 3 and 4 teachers and engage in some transition activities such as community-building activities, learn about important Covid-19 Health and Safety Information, school tour (Grade 10 classes only) and a presentation on how to support a  safe and caring school environment.



Students will receive the 2021-2022 Guide to the School Year (which can also be found on the Board website) along with some important forms.  These forms -- the Start-Up Permission Form and the Student Information Consent Form -- must be signed by a parent/guardian and returned to the school during the week of September 13.  


Returning Textbooks and Borrowed Technology

If you have any textbooks, school materials or technology that  were borrowed last year, please return them on the first day to the main office.  


Student Timetables

Student timetables will be visible on Teach Assist today.  We are also e-mailing Semester 1 timetables to students’ GAPPS accounts. 

Our timetable has changed this year.  Students will take two classes -- one in the morning and one in the afternoon -- each day for a week and then take two other classes -- one in the morning and one in the afternoon -- the following week.  

On the timetable, the weekly schedule is indicated as either “Day 1/Week 1” or “Day 2/Week 2”.  Please note that classes on September 9 and September 10 follow the Day 2/Week 2 timetable.  Starting on the week of  Monday, September 13, classes follow the Day 1/Week 1 timetable.  


Remote Learners

By the end of the day today, teachers will send a link to join their Google Classroom to students who are learning remotely.

Daily Schedule

Please note that the new regular MMHS schedule is:

  • Homeroom (5 min.)          9:00 a.m. - 9:05 a.m.
  • AM Period (150 min.)          9:05 a.m. - 11:35 a.m.
  • Lunch (60 min.)                    11:40 a.m. - 12:40 p.m.
  • PM Period (150 min.)          12:45 p.m. - 3:15 p.m.



Parents/guardians will be expected to provide their child with a personal face covering to wear at school to reduce the spread of their own respiratory droplets to protect others. This mask must cover the nose, mouth and chin at all times unless eating or drinking.


Arriving at School

Before arriving at school, students must complete the COVID-19 School Self-Screening and submit the confirmation form.  As they enter the school, students are asked to show the completed confirmation on their cell phone or on a printed copy.  Hard copies of the COVID Self-Screening will be available at the school.  

Students are asked to use specific doors for entry to the building.

  • Grade 9s & 10s: Main entrance
  • Grade 11: Northeast doors (by Gym)
  • Grade 12s: Southeast door facing Kennedy (by music room)

o   Prior to coming to school, students must complete the COVID Screening online and submit the confirmation form. 

o   Students must wear a mask at school.

o   Students will use hand-sanitizer on entering the building.

o   Students are encouraged to be here no earlier than 15 minutes before class

o   Students must maintain physical distance from others.  Students must not “hang out” in the atrium.


Hand Sanitizer

  • There will be Board provided hand sanitizer at each of the three entrances. As well, each classroom will have its own supply of hand sanitizer.  
  • Students are not to bring their own hand sanitizer as we have to ensure that all hand sanitizer is fragrance free and meets Public Health requirements.  


Moving Around the School

To minimize close contact between students, arrows and social distancing reminders have been placed on the floor and in stairwells throughout the building. 

  • All hallways are divided into two-way paths. 
  • All stairwells are divided into two-way paths for movement in schools.
  • Students are asked to follow the direction of the arrows.  Walk on the right side of the hallway or stairwell.


Leaving the Building

  • Students are asked to leave the building by the nearest exit immediately after their last class.   
  • If you do choose to drive your child, please be aware that the City of Markham does issue tickets to parents who drop off and / or wait for students directly in front of the school (where there are fire route signs). Please use pick up drop off spots or wait in parking lot spaces.


Visitors and Parents/Guardians

To limit the number of contacts in the school, we cannot accept visitors or parents/guardians in the building.  Virtual meetings can be arranged as needed.  



  • The cafeteria is open during lunch; sections will be designated for use by grade with a maximum of 6 students per table. Students are expected to be mindful of who they are eating with and where for contact tracing purposes.
  • The cafeteria servery/food service is closed until further notice.
  • Students may leave the school at lunchtime and are encouraged to eat outdoors while the weather is nice.
  • Students are not allowed to use food delivery services like UberEats.



  • Information about lockers will be distributed when school begins.
  • Students are not allowed to share or gather by lockers.   


Clubs and Sports Teams

Information and directions on school clubs and teams will be provided at a later date.  

We value the relationship we have with families, and look forward to speaking and working with you in the months ahead. Please do not hesitate to contact the school if you have any questions.  We welcome the opportunity to connect with you.

We wish you all a happy, safe and successful school year.


Mr. Christopher Hilmer, Principal and Ms. Dawn Imada-Chan and Mr. Sanjee Sivanesan, Vice-Principals

Start Up Permission Form (Mandatory).pdfStart Up Permission Form (Mandatory).pdf

Student Information Consent Form (Mandatory).pdfStudent Information Consent Form (Mandatory).pdf

Request for Faith Accommodations Form.pdfRequest for Faith Accommodations Form.pdf

Below are some reminders and new information that we have recently received from the provincial government and York Region Public Health. 



A new screening tool for the 2021-2022 school year has been provided by York Region Public Health (please click on Check for Symptoms Daily). This screening tool replaces previous versions and all students and staff must complete the screening prior to attending any YRDSB school or facility. 

Secondary students will have to provide confirmation of a successful screening as follows:  

  • After completing the screenin​​g tool, secondary students (or parents/guardians of students who may not be able to complete the form independently) must complete the Secondary School Confirmation Form. Upon completion of the form confirming successful screening, students will receive an email.  For students who may not be able to complete the self-assessment process independently, parents/guardians are asked to complete it.
  • After receiving this email, students can then attend their school and will have to show the email response in one of the following ways to school staff:
    • Show email on phone (showing the email or a photo of the email)
    • Hard copy printout of the email 

Terry Fox School Run/Walk

This year marks the 41st anniversary of the Terry Fox Run.  We are excited to announce that our school will be proudly taking part in the 2021 Terry Fox School Run/Walk, scheduled to take place on the morning of Friday, September 24.  While this year’s event might still look a little different from previous years, we are excited to share that we have developed creative and safe ways for all of our staff and students to take part I supporting cancer research. 

Classes will have the opportunity to participate by walking outside for a 15-minute fresh-air break with their face-to-face class (Block 3/Week 2) on Friday, September 24.  Per Public Health guidelines, all participants will need to remain physically distanced going out to, during, and returning from the walk. In addition, all participants will need to wear a mask and practise hand hygiene upon returning to class. 

We hope that we can continue to show the great strength and resiliency of our school community with your support of one of our greatest Canadian heroes, Terry Fox.  Let’s all use Terry’s message of hope and strength to inspire us during these challenging times. Donations to the school’s Terry Fox Run event can be made on School Cash Online.​

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