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Guidance 406

If you need to contact your Guidance Counsellor

Mrs. Rebecca Lee    ext. 162        Guidance Secretary

Ms. Mi-jin Kim             ext. 167        Students A-I

Ms. Petrou               ext. 164        Students J-P

Mrs. Saweriss (Head)   ext. 163        Students Q-Ye

Ms. Sandeep Virk​   ext. 165  Students Yi-Z

The Guidance Department at MMHS supports the needs of our school community (parents, students, teachers and community partners) by providing services and organizing activities throughout the school year.

Parents are encouraged to be part of their child's educational and career planning decisions and may contact the Guidance Department for an appointment or interview.

At MMHS, counsellors are in the Guidance and Career Education Department to assist students to acquire the skills, knowledge and abilities to:

know and appreciate themselves
Such insight and knowledge will help students in understanding their value as people and in recognizing and making use of their interests and aptitudes.

relate effectively to others
The leads to positive interpersonal relationships, a better understanding of self, effectiveness in all life roles and employability skills.

develop appropriate educational goals
It is important that students develop educational plans that are flexible and consistent with their needs, interests and abilities.

explore career alternatives
In the process of career development, students learn more about themselves and a variety of career alternatives, practise decision-making and goal setting skills needed for making thoughtful choices for their life.

Please join the Guidance Google Classroom, “Guidance Corner”. The access key is zuhyptf OR tozugih.

Requests for Course Changes

If you require a timetable change for semester 1, please read this announcement very carefully:


1. Please ensure that your reason for a course change falls under one of the following categories:

a) You have a hole in your timetable.

b) You are in a course, but you do not have the pre-requisite.

c) You have already completed a course that is on your timetable.

d) You need to change a course type (ex. academic to applied).

e) A change is needed to meet your SHSM/IB/OSSD requirements.

f) You are a grade 12 student and you are missing a requirement for your post-secondary program.

g) You are an English Language Learner and you are missing ESLA, B, C, D or E.

h) You were given a course that you did not request (NOTE: These requests are very difficult to accommodate. We will not be able to look at these requests until the end of the course change process).


2. If your reason is not listed above, we will not be able to make a change to your timetable. (Ex. You have selected an elective and you wish to choose another elective instead).  In this case, please continue to follow your timetable as no changes will be made.


3. If your reason is listed above, please complete the google form below. NOTE: This form will close on Wednesday, September 13th.


4. Once you have submitted your google form, please follow your timetable and wait patiently for your Guidance Counsellor to contact you (either by email or by calling you out of class).  


The course change process takes place during the first two weeks of school.  Please wait patiently as it may take up to two weeks to contact you. During this time, please do not:

- send an email to your Guidance Counsellor requesting a course change

- line up outside of the Guidance office to request a course change

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