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Mr. Dennis Wylie was the Principal of the school at the time it opened (1964).  Mr. Lloyd Abernathy was the supervising Principal.  The initial building consisted of seven classrooms and one kindergarten; the present office was the staff lunchroom.  The cost of the school was $170,000 and housed 192 students from kindergarten to Grade 6.  An addition of six classrooms, a library and general purpose room was added in 1966.

Roy H. Crosby is a community school with a supportive and involved parent community and a conscientious, caring, professional staff.  The school pursues and exhibits a number of specific strengths: a calm and orderly atmosphere for learning, excellent communication among students/parents/teachers/Principal/, a stable staff compliment, a strong parental presence in decision making and day-to-day activities, a concern for the environment, a low student to computer ratio and high academic expectations for each individual child while addressing the needs of the whole child.

The Junior Kindergarten-Grade 6 student population of approximately 270 is composed of two quite distinct groups.  Residing in the area surrounding the school is an established population that feels a strong attachment to the school and the adjacent Milne Conservation Area.  A second group lives at some distance from the school and travels to school by bus to attend a Grade 4-6 gifted program.  Roy H. Crosby houses a student population that requires 1 portable and 1 port-a-pak on site. It is anticipated that Roy H. Crosby's student population will be stable over the next few years.

Roy H. Crosby P.S. was officially opened in 1964. Additions were placed on the original school in 1966.
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