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Frequently Asked Questions 

​The following questions about HFN-1O: Food and Nutrition are from students at Grade 8 Day. 

General Course Related Questions

What will we learn?

This course will teach about food and kitchen safety, and how to use kitchen tools and equipment to make delicious snacks, meals and desserts. You will also learn about nutrients, Canada’s Food Guide, the Indigenous Food Guide, as well as why we choose to eat certain foods as opposed to others. Later on, you’ll discover which of our foods are grown in Canada and around the world. You’ll learn about the environmental impact of food production, food consumption and food waste. Lastly, you’ll learn why some people have less access to consistent and/or nutritious food. 

​​​​How will we be tested? 

​There aren’t many tests in this course, except the Kitchen and Food Safety Quiz that everyone must complete in order to start cooking in the kitchen. Otherwise, your cooking and baking skills are assessed throughout the semester in food labs. The food labs are a big part of your mark-are you using the skills you are taught; do you work well as a team; can you manage your time; do you practice good kitchen and food safety?

How many tests are there per course? 

In grade 9 Food and Nutrition, there is one at the beginning to assess your food and kitchen safety knowledge. Any other tests will be based on the teacher and the class. Otherwise, the focus is on hands-on learning.

Is there homework?

Yes, there will be homework given from time to time as consolidation practices. For assignments there’s always lots of work periods during class time, but if it doesn’t get done in class, you will have to finish it at home.

Are there projects and unit tests?

Yes there will be both individual and group projects. There are no unit tests.

How hard will this class be?

This is a fun and easy class. You have many opportunities to show your cooking talents, enjoy food that you made, and to work with your classmates. But although it’s an easy course, make sure to hand in all your outstanding assignments to get your credit! 

Cooking Questions

Will I learn how to cook properly and safely?

What things do we get to cook?

Some food labs are chosen by the teacher and others get put to a vote. Some of the things we’ve made this year include chocolate chip cookies, tacos, tofu fried rice, pizza, and cupcakes.  We are allowed to cook almost everything, but because of food allergies and food preferences, we have to consider recipes that allow replacements and alternatives. 

​​Do we get free food?

There is no course fee and the ingredients are provided. Anything you and your kitchen team makes is yours to eat!

​Do we cook often?

We have food labs every few weeks, so don’t worry you will have lots of opportunities to cook!


Why do we need washing machines?

There will be laundry to do after every food lab: aprons, oven mitts, tea towels and dish cloths.

Why are there slanted mirrors?

Those mirrors are for you to watch teacher demonstrations. 

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