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Principal's Message 181
Principal's Message
Welcome to Stuart Scott Public School

At Stuart Scott Public School we promote and value learning as an ongoing, active, collaborative and collegial process. We value the input of all stakeholders within the community to participate and dialogue - students, staff and parents alike. 

As we strive to promote a positive, encouraging and safe learning environment we hope we can work together to model the behaviours we want to see in our students, your children. 

We have engaged in a number of programs and strategies to honour the character traits that are the foundation of our interactions with each other. 
We wish to create, maintain and promote personal growth and develop citizen's that are respectful, responsible and reasonable. 

We will use the "Criteria for a Positive Learning Environment" as our guide, as adapted from: Seven Grandfather Teachings, and they are as follows:

Wisdom ~ Nbwaakaawin - When we share our ideas and stories with each other, we build a common understanding and collective wisdom.
Love ~ Zaagidowin - By accepting that everyone sees things differently, we maintain safety and harmony for one another.
Respect ~Mnaadendimoowin - We respect the contributions of each participant by being effective and attentive listeners.
Bravery ~ Aakide'ewin - We must courageously share our thoughts, ask tough questions, and admit that we are all lifelong learners.
Honesty~ Gwekwaadiziwin - We will seek permission and honour the contributions of one another.
Humility~ Dibadendiziwin- We will understand that everyone is at a different place on the learning wheel.
Truth~ Debwewin- We must speak from our own experiences and, at the same time, acknowledge our limitations and biases. 



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