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Welcome to Sutton Public School! suttonstingers.png
At our school, we work to 'InspireLearning' for all our students by developing effective learning partnerships and active engagement in the areas of student achievement and well-being. Our School Improvement Plan lists our strategies and goals to help our students move towards a learning culture where everyone feels safe, included, and respected. We believe that every child needs to be given opportunities to reach their potential through high expectations and a rigorous curriculum. We are committed to creating classrooms where students are calm, alert, and learning. In order for our students to be calm and alert learners, they need to be able to self-regulate, an important learning skill and an important part of many curriculum areas. Self-regulation refers to the ability to set, monitor and change plans, attitudes and behaviours in order to achieve cognitive, social and/or emotional goals. It involves recognizing and changing their energy levels, emotions, and intentional focus in order to meet their goals. When students are able to self-regulate, they are able to respond effectively to everyday challenges in and out of school.

To support our students' urgent learning needs we, as a staff, have developed our Challenge of Practice:

Our students are able to use tools and teacher prompts while working in collaborative groups. Students need to think, communicate, and apply skills to connect processes and concepts while working independently. Teachers need to be responsive to each student by learning how to use the right prompt at the right time to stimulate mathematical thinking in both independent and collaborative environments. .”

Respect plays an important role in our school. At Sutton, we create and maintain a healthy and productive working and learning environment that fosters respect for, and is supportive of, the dignity, self-esteem and fair treatment of everyone taking part in its activities. It is important that this message of self-regulation and respect is a similar message a student receives at home in order for them to build positive relationships with staff and their peers. We will continue to build positive and collaborative partnerships between students, staff, and parents.
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