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Science Department


Science is a fundamental and enjoyable way of exploring and understanding our world. Students learn the methods, language, and processes of science with dynamic hands-on experiments. Join us as we view something of the panorama of science, enjoy the subject, and appreciate the application of science to our lives and to society in general.
In Grades 9 and 10 science courses, students study units from each of four strands of science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Earth and Space Science. These courses are offered in both the academic and applied streams. As well, ESL students may take courses in either stream in classes with ESL accommodations. Grades 9 and 10 Science are also offered in designated gifted classes. Admission to these classes is based on an IPRC process where students have been previously identified as gifted. Grades 9 and 10 Essentials Level Science are also offered if enrolment is sufficient.
In Grades 11 and 12, students may specialize by taking courses in Biology, Chemistry and Physics. All of these are offered at the University Preparation Level. Grade 11 College Preparation Level Biology is offered. It has a Grade 10 academic or applied stream prerequisite.
Advanced Placement (AP) Biology and Chemistry are offered in Grade 12. To qualify, students must take the respective Grade 11 Biology or Chemistry (Part 1 Grade 11 AP Course). If interested, students should sign up for this course during the course selection process.  Following selection of this course, prospective applicants will be required to complete the Grade 11 - Part 1 Advanced Placement (AP) Program Application Form, available from the Guidance Department. One form covers all Grade 11 - Part 1 AP courses in all subject areas.

For AP Science courses, in particular, admission is by Science Department invitation only, following a recommendation from the Grade 10 Science teacher and completion of the Program Application. The AP teacher will seek the recommendations, not the students. Final decision re: acceptance to the program lies with the subject head. Successful completion of AP exams may result in earned credits or advanced standing at Canadian or international universities. Successful students will be well prepared to meet the challenge of university courses.




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