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Business Department 412
Business Department

Why Study Business?

Business Studies provides students with the skills to success in almost all life areas, and is an investment in their future.  The journey is also a lot of fun!

Business relates to buying and selling of goods, services, and information - - important exchanges in almost any area of life.  As the world becomes more dependent on globalized trade and investment, the demand for business professionals grows.

Students can choose to study accounting, marketing, and/or management skils.  The choice is up to the student and his or her career goals and interests.  

What Skills are Learned in Business Studies?

The skills and knowledge acquired in Business Studies give students an excellent foundation for many careers.  These skills involve:

  • Critical and Creative Thinking
  • Research and Analysis
  • Communication
  • Personal Development

Critical and Creative Thinking:  While studying business, students develop their thinking skills and learn to value an enquiring mind.  Students will:

  • Analyze problems and evaluate solutions.
  • Use their judgement to make decisions.
  • Engage in reflective and creative thinking.

Research and Analysis:  Students will learn how to recognize when research is required, and will have the ability to locate, evaluate, and effectively use found information via acquired abilities to:

  • Use search skills to locate information.
  • Use analystical skills to assess information.
  • Apply business models and frameworks to different situations.
  • Engage in data analysis.
  • Use information technologies.

Communication Skills:  All employers want graduates who can effectively communicate knowledge, ideas, recommendations, and decisions.  Students will have opportunites to develop and improve their:

  • Oral and written communication skills, including the ability to make professional presentations.
  • Ability to present a coherent, evidence-based argument.
  • Ability to negotiate and self-advocate.
  • Ability to use communication technologies effectively.

Personal Development:  Students will acquire an understanding of the values and attitudes consistent with his or her role as a citizen and member of a community.  Students will gain the capacity to:

  • Identify and deal with ethical issues.
  • Interact effectively with peers, and show sensitivity towards others.
  • Exercise leadership.
  • Adapt to uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity, and change.



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