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Wilclay Way Mission & Values 482
Wilclay Way Mission & Values

At Wilclay Public School, our Staff, Students and Parents abide by the


              ​   We believe in a safe, secure and healthy environment 

·       We enter and exit using designated doors
·       We remain on school property until dismissed
·       We play safely and sensibly
·       We listen to the crossing guard
·       We walk ourselves, bikes, scooters and skateboards across streets acorners
·       We bring a healthy ‘boomerang’ lunch everyday
·       We use reusable water bottles
·       We dress warmly for winter everyday
·       We reduce, reuse and recycle

We believe in welcoming, including and respecting everyone
·       We value people for who they are
·       We keep our hands and feet to ourselves
·       We treat others with compassion and empathy
·       We accept consequences for our behaviours
·       We report and openly discourage bullying, teasing, put-downs, racist and sexist slurs
·       We know that being a bystander at an incident of bullying/teasing is the same as participating in it 

We believe in learning every day in creative and innovative ways 
·       We have a positive attitude and a growth mindset towards learning everyday
·       We use different strategies to help us problem solve and collaborate with our peers
·       We use our critical thinking skills, demonstrating patience and persistence
·       We use digital tools and social media responsibly, abiding by YRDSB’s technology agreement 

            We believe in b​eing kind, co-operative and a good friend 

·       We use acceptable tones of voice (indoor and outdoor)
·       We speak honestly and fairly when dealing with others
·       We act politely to every student, teacher, guest teacher, or parent who enters our school
·       We use encouraging words and actions with all of our friends at Wilclay 

          We believe in always doing our best and being proud of our successes 

·       We participate fully in the learning process
·       We pay attention in class
·       We ask for help when needed
·       We show a commitment to learning
.   We congratulate others in their successes​

We learn • We respect • We create • We are Wilclay


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