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Constitution 388
Yorkhill Elementary School



Revised:  October 7, 2014




Article 1: Name and Address


The organization will be known as Yorkhill Elementary School School Council. The members of the School Council shall be responsible for maintaining the constitution.




Yorkhill Elementary School
350 Hilda Avenue
Thornhill, Ontario
L4J 5K2
Tel. (905) 764-5292
Fax (905) 764-5294





Article 2: Procedures and Operating Guidelines


The operational procedures of this council are outlined in the YRDSB Policy and Procedure #262, available on the Board’s website. All recommendations and activities of the Council shall comply with all Ministry of Education Acts, York Region District School Board Policies and Procedures and Staff Collective Agreements. 




Article 3: Membership


(You may choose to specify the number of parent and community members. If not specified, there will be six parent members and one community member as per Board Procedure #262.)


3.1: Number of Parent Members
The number of parents on the school council will be a maximum of 15.


3.2: Number of Community Representatives
The number of community representatives will be 1-2.

Article 4: Elections


4.1: Acclamations


Parent elections shall be by acclamation when the number of candidates is equal to, or less than the number of parent member positions on the council.

4.2: Election Procedures for Parent Members

  • Each parent/guardian seeking election must be nominated or self-nominated in writing, must have a child registered at the school, and must declare if he or she is employed by the Board.
  • Each parent/guardian of a student enrolled in the school shall be entitled to one vote for each vacant parent/guardian membership position on the council.

4.3: Terms of Office
Elected and appointed members may seek additional terms of office.  There is no term limit.




4.4: Vacancies in Membership

  • A vacancy in the membership of a school council does not prevent the council from exercising its’ authority.
  • If positions remain vacant, after the election, the council may appoint parent members.
  • Positions that become vacant due to resignation or removal shall be filled as soon as possible by offering the person with the next highest number of votes, the opportunity to accept the position. When there are no more candidates available, council may appoint parent members.



4.5: Date of Membership Elections

  • Memberships must be completed by the end of September unless religious holidays preclude the 1st open school function from being held.  If the case, elections must be completed two weeks following the 1st open school function.



Article 5: The Executive


5.1: The Chair
At the first meeting after the elections, the council will elect one chair or two co-chairs.


5.2: Other Officers
At the first meeting of the school year, the council will elect a secretary and treasurer.


5.3: Vacancies in Office
Officer vacancies will be filled as soon as possible according to Article 5.1 and 5.2.

Article 6: Sub-Committees


At the first meeting of the school year, the following sub-committees may be formed to conduct more in-depth work or to make recommendations to the council:


Communications – responsible for communications from the school council to the parent body including information about council meetings, relevant information, fundraising events, etc.


Drama – responsible for organization of the school plays (scripts, music, rehearsals, liason w/ teachers, costume and props, theatre)


Community Liason – responsible for interacting w/ community businesses, outside school councils, and other organizations within our catchment area.  


Technical – responsible for helping evaluate new technology in the school


Volunteer – responsible for the recruitment of volunteers


Fundraising – responsible for coordinating different fundraising opportunities

*Sub-committees must include at least one parent member of council and may include persons who are not members of the school council.




Article 7: Conflict


*7.1: Conflict of Interest
If individual council members perceive themselves to be in conflict of interest, they are honour bound to declare their conflict at the earliest possible opportunity and at the time of the meeting, so the minutes may reflect this declaration.


*7.2: Conflict Resolution
The council will undertake to resolve all internal conflicts within its’ mandate in a timely manner.

Article 8: Constitutional Amendments


Constitutional amendments need a 2/3 majority to be passed.
Footnote: All items in bold are mandated and cannot be changed. Items that appear with an * are bylaws which MUST be included (although you may choose to change the wording) as per Ministry of Education Regulation #612.

Article 9:  Meetings
The Yorkhill Elementary School council shall have at least 4 open meetings per school year.  The executive (co-chairs, treasurer) shall meet at least twice per year separately with the school principal (and vice-principal).  Meetings shall be scheduled in advance of the school year, taking into account religious holidays and the school calendar. 




**The council shall strongly encourage the participation of teachers at the council meeting and sub-committees. 

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