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Fundraising Efforts of School Council 388
Fundraising Efforts of School Council

What is School Council?

School Council is a collaborative and co-operative partnership comprised of volunteer parents, school staff, and members of the community whose objective is to enhance student learning and to support a positive school environment at Yorkhill.    

Why do we need School Council?

School Council’s activities serve to enhance and enrich our children’s learning environment.  This is accomplished through assisting with in-school and after-school activities, through funding the purchase of items not explicitly covered by the school budget such as supplementary learning equipment, instruments, and technology, and through organizing a variety of programs, events and initiatives such as pizza and sub lunches, school dances and Culturefest.  Lastly, School Council serves to play a consultancy role for the school on short and longterm strategy such as the School Improvement Plan and the recent Touchstone implementation.

Who can be part of School Council?

Members of School Council are elected at the beginning of every school year. Any parent who has a child attending Yorkhill ES can stand for election and all parents are invited to attend School Council periodic meetings.

Why does School Council put so much emphasis on Fundraising?

While the school is responsible for providing basic materials and equipment for student learning, there are budgetary limitations and school board restrictions as to what the school can buy that is over and above defined basic needs.  This makes it difficult for the school to maintain the high standards of technology and equipment that we expect and demand for our children’s education, and this is where School Council comes in. Our fundraising efforts allow our kids to enjoy the use of upgraded technology and modern equipment, which creates a stimulating and fun learning environment. And did you know that for certain types of purchases, the York Region District School Board will match dollars contributed by School Council?  It’s a double win for our kids!  Some examples of fundraising activities organized by the School Council are Movie Nights, Halloween Dance, Sub and Pizza Lunches.. 

How do we support student achievement and well-being?

This year we plan to meet these goals by:

    • Sponsoring The Second Step, a new program being integrated into the teaching curriculum of all grades at Yorkhill to support students’ development of their social-emotional skills
    • Funding the purchase of new technology for the school (e.g., iPads, laptops, white boards, etc.)
    • Organizing parent engagement events such as Culture Fest
    • Organizing the Lego Robotics Competition for Grades 7 and up
    • Funding and organizing the Senior Kindergarten and Grade 8 graduation ceremonies
    • Funding the repair of the swing set in the playground
    • Funding the purchase of new basketballs

How much money have we raised since the beginning of the school year until November?

So far this year we have raised $6,000.00 from Pizza and Sub Lunches and from our Halloween Dance event. We are still $19,000.00 short of our target of $25,000. Other planned activities this year will include several Movie Nights (our first this year is on Nov. 21), Drama performance nights and associated Drama Basket raffle sales, Drama concession foods, and more.

How can I help?

Every time you take part in a school activity (such as a movie night, Halloween dance, lunches) you help to raise money to improve our children’s learning environment.

In addition you can volunteer to assist with before and after school activities. Any help big or small is always appreciated and welcome.

For more information on School Council and volunteering opportunities, please leave a message at school or  Click on the link and the Volunteer sign up sheet will become available.

  Click here to sign up to volunteer for pizza distribution.pdfClick here to sign up to volunteer for pizza distribution.pdf



Yorkhill Elementary School Council – for our kids!

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