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Business Department 307
Business Department

"If Education is Everybody's Business, then Business should be Everybody's Education"

The world around us is changing rapidly. The Business Studies Department offers many technological advancements such as word processing, accounting application software, venture/marketing simulation software, and venture planning software.
Students enrolled in Business Studies courses will:
  • develop an understanding of the forces that influence our economy and standard of living;
  • develop business-related skills, attitudes, knowledge and concepts for personal use;
  • develop feelings of self-worth and self-confidence through business studies assignments and group tasks;
  • acquire an appropriate business education background for entry into colleges, universities, and for making sound choices in the selection of careers; [Word careers should be link - see list of Business Career below.]
  • acquire the business, personal and interpersonal skills, knowledge and attitudes essential for direct entry into the world of work; and,
  • develop the ability to market their skills and communicate effectively in a global business environment.

Co-Operative Education Program

What is Co-Operative Education?
Co-Op us an alternative method of learning where students earn credits toward a graduation diploma for learning achieved in a work setting. Credits earned in the work setting must be related to an in-school course program taken at Grade 11 or 12 within the preceding twelve months.
2-Credit Package?
This 2-credit out-of-school package will allow students to attend for two classes a day and work on out-of-school credits for the other half day. This can happen when the student has a placement within easy traveling distance of the school and home. This program will most likely appeal to students who are looking at university and would like experience in careers such as law, accounting, and business management.


4-Credit Package?
This program is a full day, full semester co-op program. It consists of:
  1. Career Planning, In-school - 1 credit
  2. Career Planning, Out-of-school - 1 credit
  3. Subject of choice (e.g., Accounting), Out-of-school - 2 credit
Students choosing this package will attend school for the first 2 weeks of the semester doing an intensive career planning program which includes a first aid unit. They will then work 5 days a week only to return to school on scheduled Mondays

Examples of Business Studies Courses Tied to the Co-Operative Education Program:
  • Accounting (BAF)
  • Keyboarding (BTA)
  • Marketing (BMI)
  • Retailing (BDI)







































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