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Family Studies 307
Family Studies

Family Studies …   an Interdisciplinary Field in the social sciences of human ecology, home arts and personal design, practical and academic sciences and applied philosophy for life.

The courses offered this year and next year at Alexander Mackenzie High School are at the Open, College, College/University, University and Advanced Placement levels.

Family Studies is part of the Health and Well-Being SECTOR of *SHSM that is offered at Alexander Mackenzie High School. *[Specialist High School Major]

Families in Canada                                                                                                  Grade 12 - HHS4U1 
Sociological, psychological and anthropological theories are used for research to  analyze the development of individuals, intimate relationships and family and parent-child relationships.  Focus is on issues and challenges that individuals and families face in Canada’s diverse society. Analytical tools, research and investigative skills are developed and used to assess various factors that affect families and the policies and practices intended to support families in Canada.
Challenge and Change in Society                                                                            Grade 12 - HSB4U1

ocial science theories, perspectives and methodologies are used to investigate and explain shifts in knowledge, attitudes, beliefs and behavior and their impact on society.  Students’ learn to do critical analysis of and exploration of how and why cultural, social and behavioral patterns change over time.  The ideas of social theorists are used to analyze causes of and responses to challenges such as technological change, deviance and global inequalities.  
Psychology/Advanced Placement                                                                            Grade 12 - IDC4UE  

The purpose of AP Psychology is to introduce students to the systematic and scientific study of behavior and mental processes of human beings and other animals. Students are exposed to the psychological facts, research findings, terminology, principles, major figures, phenomena and psychological experiments associated with each of the major subfields within psychology.
Human Development Throughout the Life Span                                                   Grade 12 - HHG4M1     
This course uses a multi-disciplinary approach to studying human development throughout the life cycle, emphasizing enhancement of growth and development.  Students examine how early brain and child development are linked to lifelong learning, health, and well-being potential.  The development and use of Social Science skills, research and current issues provide the focus for authentic learning in this class. 
Explore your interests and develop your talents with ….
Exploring Family Studies                                                                             Grade 9 - OPEN - HIF 101
Students examine fundamental challenges people face: meeting basic needs, relating to others, resource management and how to contribute responsibly in society.  Adolescent development is a focus, along with decision-making, interpersonal skills and practical skills related to daily life.  They learn about the many ways families function in Canada, plus research topics related to individual and family needs and resources.
Understanding Fashion                                                                          Grade 11 – College - HNC3C1    
This is an introduction to the fashion world; theories related to fashion trends and the impact of culture, media, fashion cycles, retailing and social and environmental factors on fashion trends and consumer behavior. Students will use various tools and learn techniques to create fashion items.  They will apply knowledge of fibres, fabrics, plus the elements and principles of design to their projects.  Research skills are used to investigate fashion topics.
Raising Healthy Children                                                                            Grade 11 - OPEN - HPC3O1   
This course focuses on the skills and knowledge parents, guardians and caregivers need, with particular emphasis on maternal health, pregnancy, birth and the early years of development [birth to six years old]. Through study and practical experience, students learn how to meet children’s developmental needs, communicate with them and effectively guide behavior.  Research skills are used with investigations related to caregiving and child rearing.
Living Spaces & Shelter                                                                            Grade 11  -  OPEN - HLS3O1 
Students are introduced to a range of issues relating to housing and home deign.  They learn about the needs that housing fulfills; housing options; home maintenance and safety; and the environmental, economic, legal and social considerations related to housing.  Elements and principles of design are used to analyze design and decorating decisions. They use research skills to investigate issues related to housing and home.
The World of Fashion                                                               Grade 12 - University/College HNB4M1 
Students further explore the world of fashion; the various factors that affect the global fashion industry; needs of specialized markets, and the impact of fibre and fabric production and care.  They will create a fashion product using various tools, techniques and technologies to develop their practical skills.  The social and historical influences of fashion are investigated, along with research on different aspects of the fashion world.
Enjoy exploring courses in the Family Studies department that reflect on Individuals and families in contemporary times:
  • Understanding the issues
  • Meeting the challenges
  • Developing our strengths  
“Building together today for their best tomorrows!”




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