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Moderns - French 307
Moderns - French
The ability to communicate effectively has never been as important as it is today. Our bilingual nature as a country, our multi-cultural make-up along with recent technological advancements towards a more global community, all point to the need to develop strong second and/or third language skills. To this end, the Moderns Department at Alexander Mackenzie High School is offering French courses in all grades leading to various destinations.
The focus of each course is to develop practical communication skills, both oral and written, to the fullest extent of the student's ability. This communicative and interactive language approach encourages all students to use French frequently in meaningful contexts through partner and group activities and within authentic contexts. In addition to the listening and speaking components, the program will include recent topical reading materials appropriate to the age and skill level of the students. The writing component will encourage the creative and accurate use of the language acquired.
Courses will integrate appropriate aspects of francophone culture as found throughout the world. Also, opportunities will be available for students to participate in excursions, in-class activities and exchanges in which they can use and develop their knowledge of the French language.
All efforts will be made to ensure that this pursuit of communication skills in French will be a most positive and rewarding experience for each student. Regular attendance and active participation and interaction on a daily basis are both essential to success in any language program.
Assessment will be based on a variety of oral and written tests, independent assignments, and group work.
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