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How can I improve in French class?

1) Work on oral language :

  • Aim to “communicate and interact”

  • Participate frequently in class discussions

  • Speak to your peers spontaneously in French

  • Speak to your teacher in French without prompting

  • Follow a French podcast and  French-language Instagram pages

  • Listen to French Youtubers, tv shows and movies 

  • Make and describe connections

  • Practice presentations in front of the mirror, a friend, a relative, a teacher, etc.

2) Work on written language : 

  • Use informal feedback to revise final products

  • Proofread and edit work before submission (grammar, spelling, sentence structure)

  • Follow assignment outlines and review evaluations 

  • Practice language structures frequently (try your course pack or Quizlet)

  • Form a study group to work with peers. Make a collaborative vocab chart!

3) Overall : 

  • Follow written/verbal instructions and look for cues to help you understand

  • Show your thinking in ways that are unique to you

  • Demonstrate critical thinking

  • Use analysis skills modelled in class discussions/lessons in assignments

  • Ask lots of questions! 

  • Speak in French as often as possible!

  • Come in for extra help!

4) Additional practice: 


Grade 9 - level A1



Grade 10 - level A2



Grade 11 - level B1 1. 


Grade 12 - level B2



All levels: 

GRAMMAR - play games and use flashcards related to common grammar concepts

FrenchPod 101  - this channel goes through various activities to help you improve your French

My French Story - this channel reviews many topics and contains activities to support grammar practice

Quizlet - create your own flashcards or find cards which match various grammar topics

Lawless French - a site filled with grammar concepts and review activities (including DELF)



Easy French - people from around the world speaking on a variety of topics

Book Box  - various stories with subtitles

French Fairy Tales - fairy tales from around the world with subtitles


Learn French with daily podcasts

Duolingo French Podcast

News in Slow - French

Mille et une histoires (0.8 speed)

L'incroyable histoire (0.8 speed)

Un jour, un actu - small snippets of current events 

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