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Student's Perspectives in History 317
Student's Perspectives in History
​Ancient Civilizations
"After taking the course, I was intrigued. I could never imagine the tools and ways of life people had before us. I could never imagine the time it took for us human beings to evolve and become what we are now. I could never imagine how rich our history as a people is, and how exciting it is. The past shows us the mistakes we have made and teaches us to learn from those mistakes. It teaches us how to grow as a person and as a civilization."
- A grade 12 student

"The philosophy courses really open your eyes to the many views around you. They help you create a meaning for your life and help you understand who and what you are. They do not force feed you facts but, more or less, guide you to make your own choices and create your own views. You learn to explain your thoughts and your views in an accepting and open environment."
- A grade 12 student

Quotes about the History courses:
"Philosophy was a very beneficiary course to take because it taught me to look at things in a different way."
- Udai Chauhan

"Challenge and Change was an interesting course. I enjoyed learning how human beings interact with one another."
- Mai Noy

"History is a very interesting and useful subject. By looking at the past, we can save our future."
- Elizabeth Lioubomirskaia

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