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History Department 317
History Department

History is a study of the past. It deals with human beings and events that took place. The history departement deals with the philosophies, Canadian and ancient history, and many subjects dealing with society and its development.

Education in History

To ensure that the students of today grow into responsible citizens and life-long learners, the History and Social Science Department will encourage independence, self-discipline, and personal accountability while emphasizing the need for all members of society to function effectively as part of a group. As they meet new challenges, students will be encouraged to welcome change rather than fear it, and to embrace risk rather than avoid it. In the end, our goal is to guide students as they become independent learners and active citizens who use their considerable talents for the betterment of society.

Intentions in History

Through the introduction of a wide variety of cultures and viewpoints, we intend to develop an appreciation for the contributions of a diversity of groups and individuals who have, and will continue, to shape societies, including our own. In so doing, students will not only acquire an understanding of the major social, political and cultural events and ideas which have shaped our world in the past, endured to affect our present, and remain to influence our future, but also learn to value the arts as a product of the past and present society.

Beliefs in History

We believe a well-balanced education is critical for students if they are to be active citizens in a healthy democracy. Through the courses offered, our goal is to guide young minds in their maturation from students to active, independent learners. By laying historical foundations, teachers will encourage students to apply important ideas and concepts in a variety of ways and to pursue paths of personal enquiry. We believe that we can encourage tolerance and empathy by exploring moral, ethical and philosophical issues in a supportive and non-threatening environment.

Requirements in History

To play an effective and productive role in society, students will require the ability to access and process information, and respond in an appropriate manner. To this end, the History and Social Science Departement is committed to refining students written and oral communication skills, as well as developing:
  • research skills, for access and organization of relevant data
  • analytical abilities, for success in processing and drawing conclusions from a given information
  • proactive and reactive thinking skills, needed for original thought


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