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After-School Program for Preparation of the OSSLT
The Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test (OSSLT) is a requirement for students who wish to graduate with a secondary school diploma.  As a school, we are taking many steps to assist our students in completing the test successfully.  One way is by offering an after school program before the test in March 2019 to reinforce reading and writing skills.
All grade 10 students could benefit from some extra help with reading and writing in order to build skills for the OSSLT. Within the program we will administer a practice test. Your son/daughter will need to attend all sessions to get the maximum benefit from this program. The after school program consists of fifteen sessions of 1 hour each.  Students will attend twice a week for seven weeks and once on the eighth week, to receive intensive practice with reading and writing skills and strategies. 
While receiving additional assistance through the after school program, your son/daughter will continue to receive regular instruction from his/her classroom teachers related to the reading and writing skills required for each subject.  We believe that this special program will make a difference in your sons/daughter’s knowledge and confidence related to reading and writing.  For some students, further assistance will be required.  For this group of students, the literacy teacher will be offering lunchtime sessions to work on specific needs.
Ontario Secondary School Literacy Course (OSSLC)
The Ontario Secondary School Literacy Course (OSSLC) is a full-credit Grade 12 course that is offered as part of the English program in Ontario secondary schools.
Purpose of the Course
The Ontario curriculum recognizes the central importance of reading and writing skills in learning across the curriculum and in everyday life, and prepares students for the literacy demands they will face in their postsecondary endeavours. To ensure that they have the essential competencies in reading and writing that they will need to succeed at school, at work, and in daily life, students in Ontario must demonstrate those skills as a requirement for graduation.
The standard method for assessing the literacy skills of students in Ontario for purposes of meeting the literacy requirement for graduation is the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test (OSSLT). The Ontario Secondary School Literacy Course has been developed to provide students who have been unsuccessful on the test with intensive support in achieving the required reading and writing competencies, and with an alternative means of demonstrating their literacy skills.
The reading and writing competencies required by the OSSLT form the instructional and assessment core of the course. Students who successfully complete this course will have met the provincial literacy requirement for graduation, and will earn one credit. The credit earned for successful completion of the OSSLC may be used to meet either the Grade 12 English compulsory credit requirement or the Group 1 additional compulsory credit requirement.
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