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​​HOSA Canada - Future Health Professionals (All Grades Welcome)

As a HOSA Canada member students have the opportunity to learn about a specific health care career of interest to them such as the healthcare industry in general by preparing for and competing in one of the over 40 unique events. Some events focus on training students in core technical procedures unique to a particular profession while others are more generalized collaboration, communication and leadership skills.

Please ask either Ms. Thevakumar or Ms. Saini for more information. REGISTRATION REQUIRED

Science Olympics (All Grades Welcome)

Participate on Markville Secondary School's Science Olympics Team! The participants work together to solve chemistry, physics, and biology problems at a regional school competition. Come and try out and meet new friends! A shiny medal for winning wouldn't hurt as well!

Please ask a Markville Science teacher for more information. REGISTRATION REQUIRED

​ECO Club (All Grades Welcome)

The MSS Environmental Club seeks to help improve the environment through a variety of eco-health tasks. Picking up litter, planting trees, and keeping the community aware of ongoing environmental problems are just some activities this club participates in. All are welcome! Volunteer hours are provided for those who help!

Please ask Ms. Liu for more information. REGISTRATION REQUIRED

​Physics Club

Explore cool topics, and content beyond the scope of the curriculum.  The Markville Physics Club is going to demonstrate and discuss different aspects of physics through fun experiments and short lessons. Possible topics that can be covered include torque, thermodynamics, fluid dynamics, momentum, and topics in AP Physics. In this club, preparations for physics contests will also be carried out, such as the OAPT Physics Contest, and the Sir Isaac Newton Physics Contest.  In addition, we will also be assisting students with physics problems.​ Please ask your physics teacher for more information.
Waterloo Chemistry Contests

Dive into the Waterloo chemistry contests which are meant for grade 11 and 12s that would like to challenge their science application in the field of chemistry. Make Markville proud and participate! Don't forget to study!

Please ask Mr. McKillop for more information. REGISTRATION REQUIRED
​U of T National Biology Contest

An advanced national biology contest hosted by University of Toronto. Individuals participating should have a strong knowledge base of grade 11 and 12 biology and be fairly confident in grade 11 and 12 university biology courses. Winners receive scholarships to U of T Life Sciences.

Please ask a Markville Science ​teacher for more information. REGISTRATION REQUIRED

​SHSM (2 sectors) - Environmental and Health & Wellness

The Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM) Program is a Ministry of Education approved program that allows students to focus their learning in a specific economic sector while meeting the requirements for the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD).  

There are five components to completing an SHSM program. 

  1. Course work – All students will need to complete a series of 8-10 credits at the senior level (see below for details).

  2. Sector Recognized Certifications – All students need to complete a minimum of six certifications some of which are mandatory and others which are elective.

  3. Participation in experiential learning activities within the sector.

  4.  “Reach Ahead” experiences to allow students to explore post high school opportunities.

  5.  Using the Ontario Skills Passport (OSP) to document development of essential skills.

Students who successfully complete this program will receive a SHSM designation, in addition to their OSSD.  This SHSM specialist certification will be recognized by employers, colleges and universities and may increase career opportunities.

Please ask Ms. Liu for more information.
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