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Grade 9 Course

Exploring Family Studies, Grade 9 Open


This course explores, within the context of families, some of the fundamental  challenges people face: how to meet basic needs, how to relate to others, how to  manage resources, and how to become responsible members of society. 

You will  explore adolescent development and will have opportunities to develop interpersonal, decision-making, and practical skills related to daily life. You will also learn about the diverse ways in which families function in Canada and will use research skills as you explore topics related to individual and family needs and resources.

Prerequisite: None


Grade 10 Course
Food and Nutrition, Grade 10 Open


This course focuses on guidelines for making nutritious food choices. You will investigate factors that influence food choices, including beliefs, attitudes, current trends, traditional eating patterns, food-marketing strategies, and individual needs.
You will also explore the environmental impact of a variety of food choices at the local and global level. The course provides you with opportunities to develop food-preparation skills and introduces them to the use of social science research methods in the area of food and nutrition.

Prerequisite: None

Grade 11 Courses​ 
Food and Culture, Grade 11 University and College Preparation


This course focuses on the flavours, aromas, cooking techniques, foods, and cultural traditions of world cuisines. You will explore the origins of and developments in diverse food traditions. 

You will demonstrate the ability to cook with ingredients and equipment from a variety of cultures, compare food-related etiquette in many countries and cultures, and explain how Canadian food choices and traditions have been influenced by other cultures. 

Lastly, you will develop practical skills and apply social science research methods while investigating foods and food practices from around the world. 

Prerequisite: None

Introduction to Anthropology, Psychology, and Sociology, Grade 11 University Preparation / College Preparation


This course provides you with opportunities to think critically about theories, questions, and issues related to anthropology, psychology, and sociology. You will develop an understanding of the approaches and research methods used by social scientists. 

You will also be given opportunities to explore theories from a variety of perspectives, to conduct social science research, and to become familiar with current thinking on a range of issues within the three disciplines.​ 

Prerequisite: The Grade 10 academic course in English, or the Grade 10 academic history course (Canadian and world studies)


Grade 12 Courses​ 

Nutrition and Health, Grade 12  University Preparation / College Preparation


This course examines the relationships between food, energy balance, and nutritional status; the nutritional needs of individuals at different stages of life; and the role of nutrition in health and disease. 

You will evaluate nutrition-related trends and determine how food choices can promote food security and environmental responsibility. You will also learn about healthy eating, expand your repertoire of food-preparation techniques, and develop your social science research skills by investigating issues related to nutrition and health.​

Prerequisite: Any university or university/college preparation course in social sciences and humanities, English, or Canadian and world studies 

Human Development Throughout the Lifespan, Grade 12 University and College Preparation


This course offers a multidisciplinary approach to the study of human development throughout the lifespan. You will learn about a range of theoretical perspectives on human development. You will also examine threats to healthy development as well as protective factors that promote resilience. 

Lastly, you will learn about physical, cognitive, and social-emotional development from the prenatal period through old age and will develop their research and inquiry skills by investigating issues related to human development.

Prerequisite: Any university, college, or university/college preparation course in social sciences and humanities, English, or Canadian and world studies 
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