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Regular Co-operative Education Program at Thornlea:

Grade 11 Co-operative Education: COP3X1
Grade 12 Co-operative Education: COP4X1
​Co-operative Education is an opportunity for students to work outside of the school in a job placement of their choice while earning credits.  This unique program allows students to explore a potential career, develop transferable job skills, obtain career-related practical experience, and gather references for their resume and post-secondary education.  The significant benefit is to develop an informed decision regarding post-secondary education and career paths before committing to university, college, apprenticeship, or work placements.  Students can earn from 2 to 4 credits in Co-op.  Most Co-op placements are for a half day and generate 2 credits.

The Co-op Advanage: Co-op can fulfill 2 compulsory credit requirements from either groups 1, 2 or 3 or can be counted toward the 12 elective credits required for graduation.

There is an application process that must be completed for admission to Co-op.  Please complete the following steps to begin the application process:

Step 1: Select COP3X1 or COP4X1, depending on your grade, as part of your course selection.

Step 2: Submit your course selection through My Pathway Planner​.
Step 3: Print the My Pathway Planner​ Sign-off Form, obtain a parent/guardian signature, and return the Form to your homeroom teacher.
Step 4: Complete the Co-op Application Process:

     4a. Click on the PDF file to print the Co-op Student Application form: 

     4b. Click on the PDF file and print 2 COPIES of the Teacher Reference Form:

     4c. Submit the completed Co-op Student Application Form and the TWO completed Teacher        
     Reference forms to Mr. Babalis (Head of Co-Op) in room 227 by the course selection 
     deadline date. 

Credits: 2   Type: Co-Op   Grade: 11 (for COP3X1) or 12 (for COP4X1)

How Does Co-Op Work?
  • Co-op is available in  2-credit, 3-credit, and 4-credit packages.
  • Two credit or Four Credit Co-op is available in almost any career, including journalsim, teaching, video production, graphics, comptuer programming, veterinarian, hospital-medical, physiotherapy, personal training, business management, marketing, automotive, architecture, interior design, and much more.
  • Special credit packages include the Militia, O.Y.A.P. & Accelerated O.Y.A.P. (2 or 4 credits)
  • An example of a regular Co-op scedule is as follows:
​Period 1 ​English ​ ​ OR ​Period 1 ​Co-op
​Period 2 ​Physics Period 2 Co-op
​Lunch lunch & travel time to placement Lunch lunch & travel time to school   
​Period 3 Co-op Period 3 Math
​Period 4 Co-op
Period 4
Benefits of Co-op for the Student:
  • Develop knowledge, skills, and attitutdes through hands-on experience
  • Explore a career in order to make informed educational and career decisions
  • Develop maturity and self-confidence
  • Strengthen employability skills
  • Gain valuable work experience
  • Networking opportunities
  • Earn credits

A Co-op Student's View:

"It's amazing how much four months of being in a workplace can make you a more mature and much stronger individual.  I will be forever grateful for deciding to participate in the Co-op program because it has opened my eyes to the world in a way that I have never seen."  (Shawn Marco - Rogers TV)

"I believe that I hade made the right choice in taking Co-op.  I think that I am much more mature and that I have more scientific knowledge.  As well, I think that this is the most worthwhile course I have taken in high school because it teaches you what you really have to know."  (Sabrina Liu - Shoppers Drug Mart)


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