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Placement Options 412
Placement Options
Examples of Possible Co-op Placements:

Accountant ​Banking ​DNA Lab Gaming Designer​ Journalist​ Personal Trainer​ ​Real Estate Broker Tool & Die​
Advertising ​Business Management ​Electrician ​Food Preparation ​Landscaper ​Pharmacist ​Recording Studio University Professor Assistant
​Aerospace Engineer
​Casting ​Elementary School Teacher ​Hair Stylist ​Lawyer ​Photographer ​Retail
(Various Areas)
​Aesthetician ​Carpenter
​Emergency Medical Services
​Histopathology Lab
​Machinist ​Psychology ​Small Engine Mechanic Video Editor
​Animation ​Chef ​Event Planner
​Hotel Management
​Marketer ​Physicist ​Speech & Language Specialist ​Wealth Management
​Airplane Mechanic ​Chiropractor ​Fashion Designer
Horseback Riding Coach
​Militia ​Physiotherapy ​Sports Medicine ​Wellness Centre
​Architect ​Computer Programmer ​Fashion Merchandising Health Care Provider
​Naturopath ​Plumber ​Stone Mason ​Website Designer
​Auto Body Technician ​Daycare Teacher ​Film Production ​Hotel Sales/Admin.
​Nutrition Consellor
​Police ​Surgeon
​Automotive Mechanic ​Dentist ​Financial Planner ​Interior Design ​Orthodontist ​Radio ​Theatre Production
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