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French and International Languages 412
French and International Languages

French Immersion            Core French

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Learning another language develops logical thinking skills and clarity of expression. In the process, learners strengthen their first-language skills and enhance their critical and creative thinking abilities. It also introduces students to a whole new way of seeing the world through the study of another culture, resulting in a growth of tolerance and understanding of others. 

French is not only one of Canada’s two official languages, but is also widely used around the world. In Canada employment opportunities and promotions are enhanced by a knowledge of both English and French. With developing world trade patterns, knowledge of languages opens up many employment and business opportunities as well.

The Modern Languages Department at Thornlea offers courses in French, for core and immersion. The essential aim of our program is to develop communication skills in both the receptive and expressive aspects of the language. Students will develop the four language skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing through the interaction of speaker, listener, reader and writer.

Linguistic and thematic structures are covered in an eclectic manner through the communicative approach, which allows the students to develop communicative competence. Teachers encourage students to be accurate within the limits of their command of the language, and pay attention to the form as well as the message.

In addition, the interdisciplinary nature of language allows students to explore such related areas of study as history, geography, music, art, literature, business, and world issues.


  • Neda Pilaram (Head of International Languages Department + FI/Core)
  • Grace Fu (FI/Core)
  • Nathalie Bendavid (Phys-Ed)
  • Helen Hannah (FI/Core: 2020-2021- on leave)
  • Valerie Awad (Business/Careers-Civics/FI/Core)
  • Diana DeLuca (Geo/History: 2020-2021- on leave)
  • Ilana Bern (Visual Arts/ACAM FI)
  • Stella Volfovsky (History FI/Core)​

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