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Computer studies is about how computers compute. It is not about learning how to use the computer, and it is much more than computer programming. Computer studies is the study of ways of representing objects and processes. In this course students will define problems; analyze problems; design solutions; develop, test, and maintain programs.

Computer studies is relevant for all students because it incorporates a broad range of transferable problem-solving skills and techniques, including logical thinking, creative design, synthesis, and evaluation. Students will develop skills in communication, time management, organization and teamwork.

There are four critical areas of learning in computer studies:

  1. Software development

  2. Algorithms and data structures

  3. Program correctness and efficiency

  4. Professional and ethical responsibility​


This is the introductory course to computers, computer programming and computer studies - Languages used include: Python and Scratch


The focus of this course is programming languages - Languages used include: Python and Scratch


This course is an introduction to Computer Science, which as a focus on program correctness and efficiency - Language used: Python


An extension of the 3C course, the focus on this course is additional programming languages, identifying problems and creating solutions to those problems - Languages used : Python and Java


An extension of the 3U course, the focus on this course is understanding Object Oriented Programming, and program efficiency. The languages of choice in this course is Java

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