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Welcome to the Personalized Alternative Education (PAE) Department 416
Welcome to the Personalized Alternative Education (PAE) Department

     This department offers personalized alternative education through teacher directed classroom models of learning. We offer various courses which fulfill compulsory credits in areas of Math, English and Science, while offering credits in Group 1, Group 2, Group 3 and elective categories. The Alternative Education Department delivers hands on curriculum with a personalized approach to learning. In addition, smaller class sizes allow for more one-on-one teacher guidance and tutoring of course curriculum. Student learning is complimented through technological supports, library resources, and YRDSB course Moodles.


The Quad Program

     The Quad is the foundation for our Alternative Education program, providing students with the flexibility to manage their learning through nine week, two period courses that run four times per year and which can be combined with blended learning (i.e. regular semester programming, Dual Credit, FLEX and LEAP). 

Students enrolled in The Quad full time would be taking only two courses at one time during these time slots. 

    Semester One

    Quad 1: September to November (first week)

    Quad 2: November (second week) to Janurary


    Semester Two

    Quad 3: February to April (first week)

    Quad 4: April (second week) to June

Below is a ppt. sample of what the Quad model might look like.

Personalized Alternative Education Quad Model.pptxPersonalized Alternative Education Quad Model.pptx


FLEX Flexible, Learning, Experience

     Flexible, Learning, Experience (FLEX) integrates Dual Credit courses with Quad programming in a compressed timetable for students that require flexibility in scheduling; either early start or early leave times from school. FLEX allows students to earn up to 4 credits within a two period time slot. This program is also available in hybrid format which blends regular semester programming with Quad and Dual Credit. For more information about the Dual Credit program visit 


Below is a ppt. sample of what the FLEX program model with Quad Programming might look like.

Dual Credit Option.pptxDual Credit Option.pptx

​Potential Dual Credit course offerings listed at post-secondary college institutions. These courses may be included as part of the total courses required for a student to graduate from secondary school. This list is not official and is subject to change. 

2015-2016 Dual Credit Course Availability.pdf2015-2016 Dual Credit Course Availability.pdf
2015-2016 Dual Credit BW Chart and Descriptions.pdf2015-2016 Dual Credit BW Chart and Descriptions.pdf


L.E.A.P. League of Educational Ambassadors for Peers 

What is L.E.A.P.?

     The purpose of L.E.A.P. is to provide students enrolled in Personalized Alternative Education with Leadership opportunities within the school and/or school community in student led and teach/admin supported initiatives. The majority of our students enrolled in the L.E.A.P. program are also enrolled in Leadership and Peer Support (GPP3OA) and/or other leadership courses. In addition, there will be opportunities for community involvement hours through L.E.A.P.

Students enrolled in L.E.A.P. may experience the following:

  • Enhance leadership skills;
  • Instilling self-esteem and self-confidence while building self-worth;
  • Opportunities for growth in education through helping and supporting others;
  • Supporting ELL learners in adjusting and acclimatizing to UHS and surrounding communities;
  • Creating and supporting a safe learning environment for new students;
  • Supporting other student needs through student lead initiatives;
  • Collaboration and partnership with other school departments (i.e. Student Success, ELL, Special Education, Guidance);
  • Support partnered departments with Administrative and teacher approved tasks;
  • Supporting student well-being and wellness;
  • Assisting students with community learning;
  • Offer Tutoring and mentoring through student initiatives;
  • Provide additional reading and writing support for other students.

How Will L.E.A.P. Operate?

  • L.E.A.P. will run in conjunction with the GPP3OA and/or other leadership classes in Personalized Alternative Education;
  • Students may volunteer during their lunch periods or after school for additional community hours;
  • Consideration for program offering during every period (see Guidance and Personalized Alternaitve Education Departments for more details);
  • Hold student office in Portable 13, accepting student appointments, on-call support  for Guidance, Student Success, ELL, and Special Education.

Who Can Participate?

  • ​Any enrolled student in Alternative Education; or students interested in accumulating additional community volunteer hours.​ 

      Past L.E.A.P. Involvement:

      • Welcoming Event for new UHS and ELL Learners;
      • Grade 9 Wellness Day Workshops (Founded Wellness Day Event for UHS);
      • Leading workshops for ELL learners.​

      What Can You Do? 

           To learn more about this program, speak to a Guidance counselor

      ​Join The League!!!

      ​ ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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