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These courses allow students to explore movement as a medium of artistic expression.  Appreciation for dance expands students’ awareness of the richness of various cultures around the world.  Students refine their kinesthetic awareness and apply learned skills to create and perform dance works in a variety of forms.  Attention is given to the development of alignment, balance, flexibility, and
strength training.

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Gr. 9 Dance  ATC 101
Develop technique
Learn to choreograph dances
Find inspiration for movement from a variety of sources
Understand safe practices
Learn the significance and value of dance within a global setting
Grade 10 Dance  ATC 201
Develop technique
Enhance creative skills
Learn tools for composition
Safe healthy practices
Artistic scope in the dance arts
Dance Infusion- Jr. Dance Company Grade 9, 10
ATP 101, ATP 201
Emphasize the scientific and safe principles relating to dance
Opportunity to develop compositional skills
Learn a variety of repertoire work and perform
Work with guest artists
Explore world dance forms

*This course takes place outside the timetable, therefore it may be taken in addition to a full schedule. 

Grade 11 Dance  ATC 301

Develop movement vocabulary and compositional skills
Explore global dance genres
Learn how skills developed in dance can relate to a wide range of careers

Prerequisite:  ATC 101 or ATC 201
Grade 11 Jazz  ATJ 301
Develop students movement vocabulary relating to global dance forms
Build compositional skills
Technique focus es on African jazz, through the classical, modern and broadway eras, to free-style and hip hop
Grade 12 Jazz  ATJ 4M1
Develop technical proficiency
Explore world dance forms and the connections to social, cultural and historical contexts
High energy class focusing on African, classical and contemporary jazz, Broadway, free-style, funk and hip hop

Prerequisites: grade 9, 10, 11, either company or related dance experience
Dance Break  ATS 301
Explore alternate movement forms in world dance genres
Understand body conditioning for safe and healthy practice
Learn popular international dances such as salsa, swing, bollywood, chinese dance, hip hop, break and more

Prerequisite:  ATC 101 or ATC 201
Dance Access-Sr. Dance Company
Grades 11, 12
ATP 301, ATP 4M1
Develop technical proficiency
Enhance compositional skills and take part in numerous performance opportunities
Guest artists in a variety of genres who set repertoire work
*This course takes place outside the timetable, therefore it may be taken in addition to a full schedule. 


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