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Family Studies Courses Offered in 2015/2016 at UHS​:


HIF101     Exploring Family Studies (Grade 9, Open)   

​Learn how to meet basic needs, relate to others,  manage resources, and become responsible members of society


HFN201   Food & Nutrition  (Grade 10, Open)  

​​Students develop food preparation skills while learning how to make wise food choices


HPW3C1  Working with Infants and Young Children (Grade 11, College)  

​Prepare for occupations involving children from birth to six years which includes child behaviour​​ and development



HSG3M1    Gender Studies (Grade 11, College/University)

Students explore the social construction of gender. Students will learn about the dynamic nature of gender roles and norms; sexism and power relations; and the impact of representations of women and men in the media, popular culture, and the arts.


HFC3M1   Food and Culture (Grade 11, College/University

​​Explore origins and developments in diverse food traditions while demonstrating ability to cook with variety of ingredients and equipment


HBN4M1   The World of Fashion (Grade 12, College/University) 

​Create fashion products, discover social, historical, technological influences on global fashion industry


HHS4U1   Families in Canada (Grade 12, University) 

​Focus on issues and challenges facing individuals and families in Canada's diverse society, using sociology, psychology and anthropology.


HHG4M1   Human Development throughout the Lifespan (Gr. 12 College/University)

​Study human developmental stages from prenatal through old age through a variety of perspectives             


HFA4U1   Nutrition and Health (Grade 12, University)

​​Focus on relationship between nutrition and health at different stages of life, while developing food preparation techniques and environmental responsibility

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