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Unionville High School’s Visual Arts department has fostered strategic partnerships with various community partners providing exciting learning opportunities for our students. Students from the Arts Unionville, Core Visual Arts and the Arts and Culture SHSM program receive opportunities to apply their creativity, talent and skill in numerous authentic community projects. ​​

Aaniin Community Centre Mural - Niizhwaaswi Gagiikwewin


Markham Museum - Honey House Restoration Project

Traffic Control Box - Vinyl Graphic Wraps

Aaniin Community Centre Mural -

Niizhwaaswi Gagiikwewin


Lower Panel School: Middlefield High School, Primary Imagery: Turtle, Length: 29' 9", Height: 7'​

Top Panel School: Unionville High School, Primary Imagery: Thunderbird, Length: 55' 1.5", Height: 5’.25”​

Title: Niizhwaaswi Gagiikwewin / Seven Grandfather Teachings

Teaching: Seven Grandfather Teachings

Consulting Indigenous Artist: Tessa Shank, Anishinaabekwe Artist

Educators: Shane Clodd, Sandra Liau and Priscilla Li Kam Cheung

Participating Schools: Unionville High School (upper mural) and Middlefield Collegiate Institute (lower mural)

Coordination:  City of Markham

Materials: Powder Coated, Laser Cut Aluminum

Location: 5665 14th Ave, Markham, ON

Installation Date: June 2018

Fabricator: Steel Art Signs

Visual Art students from Unionville and Middlefield high schools collaborated with Anishinaabe artist and Ontario College of Art and Design University graduate, Tessa Shank, on two laser cut aluminum murals for the Aaniin Community Centre.  The students were led by Shane Clodd and Sandra Liau, the Visual Arts Department Heads at Unionville and Middlefield. The project was commissioned by the City of Markham’s Recreation Services Department.

The installations in the Aaniin Community Centre are beautiful narratives expressing the Anishinaabeg (Ojibway) interpretation of Niizhwaaswi Gagiikwewin; The Seven Grandfather Teachings.  These are the guiding principles commonly used as moral stepping-stones and act as the foundation central to finding balance in both spirit and community. These teachings remind all who gather here that working towards a happy and healthy self will make for a stronger community.

Traditionally, each teaching is depicted as an animal which represents the qualities of the teaching: Respect as the Buffalo, Wisdom as the Beaver, Humility as the Wolf, Honesty as the Raven, Courage as the Bear, Love as the Eagle and Truth as the Turtle.  Patterns of sevens and fours are repeated throughout the murals to emphasize and represent the Seven Grandfather Teachings, as well as the Four Direction Teachings.

The upper mural depicts The Seven Grandfather Teachings intertwined within the Earth and Sky realms, surrounding two large Thunderbirds. Thunderbirds are known to be messengers from the Creator and are associated with positive natural forces, reminding us of the sacred relationship we have to the Divine.

The lower panel is an underwater narrative representative of the spirit realm which is central to a large turtle.  This Turtle is a reminder of the story of creation and our spiritual connection to the Earth. The Turtle also embodies the virtues of Truth, which is grounded in the understanding that each and every one of the Seven Grandfather Teachings act together as one cohesive and whole truth.

The representation of the Thunderbird and Turtle communicates the duality within the universe and the connection between spirit and the natural world. Through the wisdom of the Seven Grandfather Teachings, these powerful forces can be held in harmony to bring peace and balance within ourselves and our communities.  The Seven Grandfather Teachings remind us not only to nourish the well-being of self, but to strengthen the community as a whole.


DUE NORTH (Unpacking the Personal Narratives and Personal Experiences of English Language Learners)​

Kathy Chen Cover Photo.jpgGrace Crawford 1.jpg

What is it like to navigate a foreign community as a newcomer? Charting a new course requires more than just learning English. Join us for Due North: Unpacking the Personal Narratives and Experiences of English Language Learners and explore the museum grounds to discover fused glass forms and sound recordings that capture the personal narratives of newcomer youth in the GTA.

Unionville High School’s English language learners (ELLs) and international students shared their experiences “arriving” and adjusting to life here. Together, the partners, advisors & youth creates and installed a multimedia project exploring individual experiences of “arriving”. Map making concepts were at the core of the project exploring and making visible the internal and external journeys of self reflection and self discovery through a variety of mediums regardless of language level.

Markham Museum - Honey House Restoration Project

Through this inquiry-based project students synthesized and applied their knowledge of: curatorial and restoration practices with current metittologist’s (bees) research acquired through their visit to the Markham Museum and the York Universities’ Packer Lab. Students studied connections between bees, the environment and sustainable agricultural farming practices for the purpose of creating six multimedia interactive artworks designed to support the Markham Museum’s education programs.

Images of the six panels

panel1 new.jpgpanel6 new.jpg

panel4 new.jpg

panel3 new.jpg

panel2 new.jpg

panel5 new.jpg

Types of bees closeup.jpg2017Markham-HoneyHouse-038.jpg 





Traffic Control Box - Vinyl Graphic Wraps

Vinyl wrapped traffic control boxes commissioned by the city of Markham, designs by Unionville High School’s visual art students.

*Click on image to view designs and descritpions

Box Wrap Front new.gifBox Wrap Front new.jpg 

SERIES 1 - Pan Am and Heritage SERIES 2 - Canada 150

BW Series 3.jpgBW Series 4.jpg
SERIES 3 - Next 150 SERIES 4 - Talent and Technology


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